As Seen On TV: SteadyPro Ruler Commercial And Review


SteadyPro Ruler Commercial

SteadyPro Ruler Video Review

    The Product: SteadyPro Ruler

    The Promise: Ruler With A Handle!

    The Total Price: 2 SteadyPro Rulers for a grand total of $27.89.



SteadyPro Ruler Product Information

What Is The SteadyPro Ruler?

The SteadyPro Ruler is essentially a 24 inch metal ruler with a handle and built in levels.

What Makes The SteadyPro Ruler A Good Buy?

The built in handle and level makes hanging pictures or other items on a wall much much easier.

Does The SteadyPro Ruler Have A Special Offer?

Buy one Get One Free (BOGO)

SteadyPro Ruler Total Price Breakdown

One SteadyPro ruler for $14.99 + $7.95 shipping and handling plus a second SteadyPro ruler for an additional $4.95 shipping and handling for a grand total of $27.89.

SteadyPro Ruler Lowest Price

The lowest price for the SteadyPro Ruler is direct from the official website.

(Alternatively, you can see if you can find it cheaper at by searching in the box below:)

Where To Buy SteadyPro Ruler?

This SteadyPro Ruler offer is not available in stores. We could only find it via the official company website.

Does SteadyPro Ruler Have A Warranty or Guarantee?

SteadyPro Ruler is covered by a full 30 day money back guarantee minus the cost of shipping and handling.

SteadyPro Ruler Customer Service Information

Telephone: 1-888-406-1109

Does SteadyPro Ruler Really Work?

Inconclusive. We did not personally test this product.

SteadyPro Ruler Review: Our Conclusion

All in all the SteadyPro Ruler looks to be a solid product that should do what it is advertised to do quite well. However, this type of product can be found already in many hardware stores at a comparable or better price.


What are YOUR thoughts about the SteadyPro Ruler? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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9 comments on “As Seen On TV: SteadyPro Ruler Commercial And Review
  1. Paki Kids Will Teach U! says:

    They just made a ruler longer and attached it with a handle! Wow, I could do tht!

  2. Arely Gomez says:

    I know right

  3. Isha Dewitt says:

    You could add a regular handle to it and there you go

  4. kingmike9879 says:

    this is fucking stupid

  5. Erik Liinar says:

    They do realize there already is a tool for that… right? It’s called a fucking spirit level!

  6. KZHX says:

    Fucking rulers, how do they work? We’ll never know.

  7. tizzytiger100 says:

    Can these commercials spell easy?

  8. Eric Bentley says:

    How the fuck is this laser straight when you’re not using a damn laser. It’s bubble straight.

  9. Yog Sothoth says:

    I had one like this in primary school. Well not exactly like this, but it had a handle and a level.It’s been a while since I was in primary school. I’m 30.

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