As Seen On TV: The Amazing Tank No Clean Aquarium Commercial

    The Product: The Amazing Tank

    The Promise: “The Aquarium That Cleans Itself!”

    The Price: 1 AMAZING TANK™ Aquarium with FREE White LED Light and Riverbed Stones for just $19.99 and $6.99 processing and handling. (A grand Total of $26.98)

Shane’s Amazing Tank Review

When I was a kid, I tried my hand at owning many different pets. And for a brief period of time, that included owning fish. Feeding the fish was fun, but when it came time to clean out all of that icky fish poo water, I would run the other direction!

Too bad for me that they hadn’t invented the Amazing Tank back then! The Amazing Tank is a small desktop aquarium that features a special water spout that flushes out all the old, dirty fish water just by pouring in fresh water into the tank!

How does this work? Well the As Seen On TV commercial calls it “gravity clean technology”, but I like to call it science. Either way, kids and adults alike are amazed when they see how easy it is to clean a fish tank when it’s an Amazing Tank!

When you order the Amazing Tank, you get a few choices. You can go with the basic offer of 1 Amazing Tank, white LED light and river stones for $19.99 + $6.99, for a grand total of $26.98. Or you can get the deluxe offer which includes everything from the 1st offer plus 1 aquatic plant, 6 glow-in-the-dark stones, and 1 red LED light and 1 blue LED light for just $6.99 additional processing and handling. (A grand total of $33.97)

All in all, I really like the Amazing Tank and hope that it fares better then it’s predecessor the Hydraqurium. So if you are in the market for a small fish aquarium that your family will want to clean, be sure to do yourself a favor and click that big yellow box below to buy YOUR Amazing Tank today!


  1. Shane Trusty

    The Amazing Tank is a great product that removes the pain of cleaning out those yucky fish tanks! Check out this soon to be #asseenontv classic below:

  2. Jeroen Wijnands

    Ah yes. the American fondness for torturing goldfish and betta to death by keeping them in totally unsuitable accomodations.

  3. Kevin Acron

    Gravity technology? A proof as seen on tv names everything technology

  4. sachikoaichan

    Wow, that’s animal cruelty. Poor fishes, the tank is too small, and the water needs to be dechlorinated and allowed to stand for several days, it also has to be the right temperature, and you actually do need pumps and filters putting in fresh water doesn’t cut it. Fish are not easy to take care of.

  5. (sigh) If only It came in a 20 gallon size so I could actually keep goldfish in there.

  6. Shortstakes Tran

    Lol copied idea from the grommet with their no clean tank. Equally as terrible for the poor fish that has to live in a cramped jar. Equivalent to a human living in their bathtub until death.

  7. flylikeabeetv

    0:51 myom myom myom

  8. shindouhikaru43

    hahaha this i find rather hilarious XD

  9. Sandra C

    If you have a fish that poops at all then a filter is required.Goldfish REALLY poop by the way.

  10. Kirakishou1234

    Actually they tricked us if you put water just plain water comes out I followed every directions on the manual and then I out water when the tank was dirty and plain water came out soDONT BUY THIS,IT DOESNT WORK AT ALL

  11. Lieutenant Shini

    Look at all of the idiots who think that you can humanely keep a goldfish in such a small tank. That thing could only house like, 2 of those tiny tetra fish at best.

  12. jupiknight

    Because putting in drastically differently temperature water into a tank so suddenly is a good idea, as well…

  13. Ulises Fierro

    gravity technology….stop adding technology at the end of everything its getting annoying technology

  14. Channie's ???? ?

    Do they think we’re that much retarted ?

  15. niamh lenihan

    what if the fish got sucked in and i dont mind cleaning my tank

  16. Rupa LeCaime

    Absolutely gross gross gross. When I saw this on tv I got so angry. This is NOT how you take care of a goldfish, they need 15 gallons at the least and goldfish can get up to half a foot in length and live for several years. Do NOT buy any pet with the idea that it is an ‘easy’ pet. If you want a pet that is low-maintenance like this video makes goldfish and bettas out to be, then go buy a tamagotchi instead. Or else that animal is going to suffer because you’re lazy and want to cut corners.

  17. ilovechickon lam

    the problem is that theres no lid at the top. And fish tend to like more open spaces.

  18. ilovechickon lam

    And second of all, most beta fish require specific types of water. Do you want to really want to keep on buying water again and again?

  19. you can just put a tube in any tank to get that effect

  20. Jacob Rogers

    what if your fish got sucked up in that thing

  21. Tyler Lavoie

    Clearly you people don’t know that you can get water purifier for the tap water so all u hav to do is mix the water and the mixture and pour duh

  22. Kristina Linden

    It’s wayyyyyyy to small

  23. wow it looks good for fish but is it really i wonder if my fish can fit in the he is a neon tetra

  24. 89990000

    I would rather buy an aquarium rather than the “Amazing Tank”. It’s not amazing, it’s cruel. Fish love open spaces and not this confined room of water.

  25. Fred Toney

    All the negative comments! Everyone’s missing the true market for this tank – Fresh-brewed FISH JUICE! Granted, it tastes a little Crappie…

  26. Yog Sothoth

    The music does not pretend to be “Under the Sea” at all…

  27. You guys need to go on Shark Tank!

  28. Ben Krittana Aphichaidetudom

    This is stupid there’s less space for the fish to swim around it would be more better to spend it on a large 50 gallon tank and goldfish (goldfish can grow to few feet long!) should’t kept in small container or bowl and the reason the water get dirty quickly cause u force them to live in a small container how would you feel if you live in that thing also the stupid not amazing tank at all is too tall so the air can’t go in and out quickly

  29. Puffy Muffin

    it’s too small of a tank

  30. grecia ochoa

    the voiceeee1!!!!!!!!!11!!11 kill it

  31. TheUltimateRacer2

    0:55-1:00 LOL! Useful Info too BTW!

  32. Luka Katchutas

    this guy sounds like hes choking on his dick

  33. This is a fucking death chamber to fish! DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP!!!!

  34. Irish Saddlebred

    Good idea..But it’s WAY too small..What about ammonia levels though?

  35. CrazyFishLady

    If you really don’t like this product being promoted, take the time to go to their website and send them an informed and polite message about why. Maybe if enough people talk to them about why something like this shouldn’t be sold they may reconsider promoting it. Just a thought people. To anyone who is looking to keep fish and thinks about getting the above? Don’t.

  36. BDubs Rocks

    this is so over the top

  37. Anjali temal

    they should make it in bigger sizes because the only thing that can fit in this tank is a small betta

  38. Georgia price

    …I totally visualized the scene from finding nemo where he is sucked into the filter system…anyone else?

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