As Seen On TV: The Amazing Tank No Clean Aquarium Commercial

The Amazing Tank Is No Longer Available. Click Here To Order My Fun Fish Tank Instead


    The Product: The Amazing Tank

    The Promise: “The Aquarium That Cleans Itself!”

    The Price: 1 AMAZING TANK™ Aquarium with FREE White LED Light and Riverbed Stones for just $19.99 and $6.99 processing and handling. (A grand Total of $26.98)


The Amazing Tank Is No Longer Available. Click Here To Order My Fun Fish Tank Instead


Shane’s Amazing Tank Review

When I was a kid, I tried my hand at owning many different pets. And for a brief period of time, that included owning fish. Feeding the fish was fun, but when it came time to clean out all of that icky fish poo water, I would run the other direction!

Too bad for me that they hadn’t invented the Amazing Tank back then! The Amazing Tank is a small desktop aquarium that features a special water spout that flushes out all the old, dirty fish water just by pouring in fresh water into the tank!

How does this work? Well the As Seen On TV commercial calls it “gravity clean technology”, but I like to call it science. Either way, kids and adults alike are amazed when they see how easy it is to clean a fish tank when it’s an Amazing Tank!

When you order the Amazing Tank, you get a few choices. You can go with the basic offer of 1 Amazing Tank, white LED light and river stones for $19.99 + $6.99, for a grand total of $26.98. Or you can get the deluxe offer which includes everything from the 1st offer plus 1 aquatic plant, 6 glow-in-the-dark stones, and 1 red LED light and 1 blue LED light for just $6.99 additional processing and handling. (A grand total of $33.97)

All in all, I really like the Amazing Tank and hope that it fares better then it’s predecessor the Hydraqurium. So if you are in the market for a small fish aquarium that your family will want to clean, be sure to do yourself a favor and click that big yellow box below to buy YOUR Amazing Tank today!

The Amazing Tank Is No Longer Available. Click Here To Order My Fun Fish Tank Instead

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79 comments on “As Seen On TV: The Amazing Tank No Clean Aquarium Commercial
  1. Bugaloosfan says:

    Tanks too small and the only thing i would keep in that is some flowers

  2. Matthew Grantham says:

    Look at those fake smiles

  3. loner1878 says:

    No one is this fascinated by a goddamn fish.

  4. Carlos Vichareli says:

    Who where goggles to clean a tank

  5. adamaj74 says:

    That’s the most annoying voice I’ve ever heard.

  6. J.P. Hardy says:

    They paid some guy to go lay down this track. I’d like to meet this cat.

  7. coffeekiss kaTai says:

    My coffee cup is bigger than your fish tank

  8. Jake Alexander Murray says:

    This is in no way big enough for even a tiny fish…

  9. Deanne P says:

    Betta fish are the only kind I would ever keep in a tank like this (and frankly this is far to small for a beta to live a happy, healthy life.) Goldfish are super messy and should be in a larger (20+ gallons,) filtered tank. Also, the whole “fish only grow as big as the tank their in” theory is totally wrong.Some individual fish are robust enough to survive cramped conditions but their growth and health suffer as a result and they become stunted. This has given the impression that they have ‘grown to the size of their tank’. ‘Stunted’ means that a fish has not grown at the right speed, and to the right size, for its species, which results in internal organ deformities and typically premature death. Yes, a goldfish will only grow as big as the tank size allows, then they’ll get stunted and die. People think if their goldfish lives for a couple years, they’ve had a long life. Not true! And they probably died because of poor tank conditions (too dirty, too clean, too small etc.) Healthy goldfish can live upwards of 20 years.A couple of hints:- Those crazy, weird, round, wobbly looking goldfish (like the ones with giant eye-sacks) are actually semi-manmade (selective breeding) genetic mutations of wild, natural goldfish (such as comets.) This means they are prone to having deformities, health issues (swim bladder) and usually die pretty quickly, unless they are kept in pristine conditions. Yes, some are more robust than others, but my experience is that most amateur fish keepers struggle to keep them alive. So save your kids some heartache and get a betta. They are much more robust, can live in a small tank without being stunted and are generally easier to care for. – If you want a more lively betta, there are a couple of things you can try. First, you can warm up his water a little with a small tank heater. They are much more active and “entertaining” in warmer water (between 75-80 degrees). Pet stores typically sell small heaters with the beta supplies or with the other aquarium heaters. Just be sure to check the minimum tank size requirements, or you’ll boil your betta!Second, try a larger tank or bowl. The larger the tank, the less work it takes to maintain it!! I use a 5.5 gallon glass tank with a small heater and a tiny filter. This means my betta is much more active and, best of all, he’s very little work! I just top off the tank as water evaporates, and do a water & filter change only once every 3-6 months. My betta is happy and blows bubble nests and lives a long time. Just make sure not to over-feed or the food will create more waste buildup and raise the ammonia levels to a deadly level.- Keep your tank even cleaner with a couple of algae eating shrimp and/or bottom feeding shrimp. My little guys eat the excess betta food and everyone stays clean and happy. (I only suggest this if you have a filter on your tank, and if your tank is at least 3 gallons.)-If you are buying a water conditioner for your bowl/tank, don’t buy the ones they sell with the betta supplies. They are less concentrated than the regular conditioners but are priced higher in comparison. You can just buy the standard stuff and only use a few drops. It will last much longer and cost you less.

  10. amanda fjordell says:

    Way to go, advertising animal cruelty

  11. Joshua Pickett says:

    First of all, slightly disgusting. Secondly, its too small! Also, its a pet. Cleaning for it is part of having a pet.

  12. cnith2 says:

    soo tiny! :(

  13. CheesyTat3rTot #1 says:

    i got one of these it doesn’t work

  14. Up In The Stratosphere says:

    I have that feeling that they used tap water in it and then all the fish died within minuts

  15. ILuvJuly4th says:

    I wonder if the system would suitably suck water from the bottom up if the tank was more long than it is high? It’s essential the tank be tall like a skyscraper building?This isn’t suitable for a single goldfish.If the tank was more long than high, you could have multiple gravity spouts in the tank rather than one. I wonder how that would work? I’m guessing it didn’t work.

  16. ILuvJuly4th says:

    The filtration system gives me an idea for a new type of toilet. Your urine activates the gravity spout to remove the turds collected on the bottom.

  17. Kris Maxwell says:

    I am a vegetarian, studying to be a certified vet tech, have two large fish tanks, an outdoor fish pond, three cats, two dogs, a snake, an african frog, and now a betta in this very tank. With that said, I think that all of you “fish experts” and rogue PETA members need to get a grip! Calm down with your animal cruelty comments. If you cared that much about the humane treatment of betta fish, you wouldn’t purchase one. Any store that I have ever seen selling them has them in tiny take-out containers. This fish tank is exponentially larger, and is absolutely suitable for one fish that has a labyrinth organ which enables them to breathe air at the water’s surface. (You would also be able to spell BETTA, and the idiot that said to keep a couple of tetras in this tank should be shot!) I have one male betta fish in this tank on my desk at work. He is doing quite well, and enjoying making his bubble nest (which they only do when they are happy and healthy). I opted to use regular gravel so that I could put a real plant in the tank to help oxygenate and chemically balance the water, and have since added marimo moss. Because of the smaller gravel, I need to use a turkey baster in addition to the gravity system to effectively clean the tank. I do a partial water change twice a week, and use AmQuel Plus water conditioner which addresses the Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia, Chlorine & Chloramines. (Water quality is important, as well as the temperature of said water when adding it. One other expert below said that you need to but special Betta Water for them?!?!? Is there a different way to make H2O for bettas?)My biggest complaints are that it leaks a little bit and the single LED light didn’t even last one day. I have added a 7″ LED clamp on light, and all is well in fish land. All in all, its a cute little set up, and brightens my day at work.

  18. DMAN D says:

    a betta thats sad BUT A GOLDFISH thats taking it way 2 far

  19. Nathan Fangtooth says:

    These tanks are horrible. Goldfish are not supposed to be in a small tank like that. That tank is only about 0.7 gallon tank. Those fish were abused.

  20. TsukiKageTora says:

    And yeah only pouring more water into a tank to clean it is GREAT child pet responsibility. Cleaning the bowl teaches a form of responsibility that is good for children to learn.This takes away from it, and you don’t see most children whining about it a decade ago. They just want a pet, usually to show that they’re responsible for a bigger pet, dog or cat, which is a lot more difficult than pouring water in a tank.What’s next a birdcage or litter box that cleans itself or dogs cleaning up after themselves?

  21. Lea Westerhold says:

    seriously its not that bad for a beta….Im sure we’ve all seen those bowls of water with a plant in it at the doctors office, thats about as much water as this has, if even that much. It’s perfectly fine. Its a beta fish, they really are NOT that complicated. I would definitely throw in the little heater i have for my beta tank, but then this tank should be suitable. It just needs a heat source.

  22. This is in no way big enough for even a tiny fish…

  23. TimmyME says:

    It is too small for any fish. Do not buy this crap!

  24. John Dayton says:

    This thing is total horse poop.

  25. SwagAnator 312 says:

    That thing is so tiny. That’s not enough space for a goldfish or any fish

  26. LZ Girlz says:

    I hate his voice…

  27. Reece And Lauren Pets says:

    Too small :(

  28. Jenna Z says:

    But you have to treat all the water that you use to change it right? You cant put tap water in with the fish – you would have to treat the water with something every time you change it.

  29. Babby Babbyson says:

    Please….Don’t say “happy healthy home your fish will love”..It won’t be any of those things.

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