As Seen On TV: The BeDazzler Machine Commercial Review


    The Product: The Original BeDazzler

    The Promise: “The amazing gem and rhinestone setter!”

    The Price: 1 BeDazzler, 1 Mini BeDazzler, 50 clear rhinestones, 50 assorted color rhinestones, 150 studs, and 15 BeDazzler patterns for a grand total of $35.85.



BeDazzler As Seen On TV Commercial Review

I love it when a classic As Seen On TV product comes back from the grave! That’s right, the Original BeDazzler is back on the market and is as awesome as ever!

For those too young to remember, the BeDazzler is essentailly a snap on gem or rhinestone machine that lets you make fun bejeweled clothing or crafts in very little time.

Using a BeDazzler is simple enough. Just place the gem you want to add to your clothing in the BeDazzler, push the handle, and keep it up until you hear the pop!

The offer price for the BeDazzler is pretty decent, but realistically they could of priced it even higher and a lot of folks would have gladly payed more for the nostalgia factor alone!

The BeDazzler As Seen On TV commercial itself however, was a little bit bland for my taste. (It looks to be a few years old itself!) An updated version that shows BeDazzled iPhone cases would have been a bit more relevant for the kinds of crafts that wold work well in this day and age.

But even with the mediocre commercial I’m still recommending the BeDazzler for anyone who wants give a fresh look to their clothing, or better yet, for anyone who wants to make a “Disco Stu” jean jacket!

So if you are ready for some rhinestone embedded fun, do yourself a favor and click the big yellow box below to order your BeDazzler today!

What are YOUR thoughts about the BeDazzler? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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3 comments on “As Seen On TV: The BeDazzler Machine Commercial Review
  1. The As Seen On TV Blog says:
  2. Shane Trusty says:

    The #BeDazzler is another great #asseenontv product that’s made its way back on the air! This one is not as tacky as the original, but still pretty fun!

  3. Gloria M says:

    My advice….don’t use your BeDazzler when ur drunk!! You will create all kinds of crazy shit. LOL. Anyways, you can pick one up cheap at

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