As Seen On TV: The Bootati Commercial


    The Product: Bootati

    The Promise: “Tones, lifts and firms your booty in only minutes per week!”

    The Total Price: $52.97 (broken down into 2 payments)



About Bootati

Bootati is the new exercise system that is specially designed to target your glute muscles in your booty which helps to tone, lift, and firm the muscles in just minutes a day.

Bootati Frequently Asked Questions (From the official Bootati website)

Bootati_As_Seen_On_TV_Commercial_Buy_Bootati_As_Seen_On_TV_Bootati_Tones_And_Lifts_Your_Booty_1 Q: How does Bootati work?
A: Bootati is based on the simple science of gravity and resistance. We took the age old glute bridge exercise, commonly used in yoga and Pilates classes and made it better. Bootati’s flexion bar gives you the range of motion to raise your hips to the ceiling and the progressive resistance settings give you the muscular stimulation that will tone , lift and firm your booty.

Q: How long do I need to exercise with my Bootati?
A: You can see results with Bootati in only minutes a week. To get yourself started with Bootati, you could begin with just as little as a few minutes a day and build up from there.

Bootati_As_Seen_On_TV_Commercial_Buy_Bootati_As_Seen_On_TV_Bootati_Tones_And_Lifts_Your_Booty_4 Q: Where do I use my Bootati?
A: You can use your Bootati anywhere, in the comfort of your home, outside, at the gym or studio, even at work or on the road in your hotel room. We designed Bootati to be portable, lightweight and easy to store. So no excuses, Bootati makes toning, lifting and firming your booty simple and fun!

Q: Why the name Bootati?
A: Bootati is our fun way of combining the words booty and sexy. Its catchy right? We hope it inspires you to build your own sexy booty and boost your confidence.

Bootati_As_Seen_On_TV_Commercial_Buy_Bootati_As_Seen_On_TV_Bootati_Tones_And_Lifts_Your_Booty_5 Q: Do you have any exercise videos or routines?
A: We do, visit our You Tube channel at for some easy to follow videos from Bootati inventor and fitness coach Jane Emmert. If you buy Bootati today, don’t forget that we will include the bonus DVD and workout poster at no extra charge.


What are YOUR thoughts about Bootati? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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17 comments on “As Seen On TV: The Bootati Commercial
  1. Tinyman says:


  2. Shane Trusty says:

    With all the recent videos glorifying the backside it was only a matter of time before some exercise equipment came out capitalize on the frenzy! #bootati #asseenontv #asotv #booty

  3. Jamie Murphy says:

    What the f***!?

  4. epsileth says:

    a useless gimmick, buy if it helps someone exersize, when they can do the same on their own for free, why not make some money? :P

  5. CandyCat957 says:

    My years and years of dancing ballet and other dance types have given me quite the ass.

  6. Aivi Lang says:

    Even baby’s?!

  7. Queenbee cece says:

    I woke up in a new butatti

  8. Queenbee cece says:

    I woke up in a new butatti

  9. mintai2003 says:

    her son must be so proud of her

  10. verTTigOO says:

    0:24 Found the dromedary’s foot. :)

  11. Morgan Bennett says:

    She’s sweaty

  12. FlyingMonkies325 says:

    This is just lazy for people who don’t want to learn how to properly so those excersises lol

  13. Natalie Brown says:

    What the fuck is up with the son?????

  14. Amanda B says:

    How to order it? I want it.

  15. Patryk Wieczorek says:

    0:40 It’s not Bootati burn! It’s Bootati waste of money!

  16. Zolega89 says:

    big ass is good

  17. Allie says:

    yea but you’ll still be fat

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