As Seen On TV: The Eggstractor Egg Peeler Commercial

The Product: The Eggstractor

The Promoter: Spark Innovators Corp

The Promise: “Peel Hard Boiled Eggs Instantly And Perfectly”

The Total Price: 2 Eggstractors for $30.97 before tax

Eggstractor Product Information

The Eggstractor is the automatic boiled egg peeler that makes the hassle of peeling boiled eggs a thing of the past! Simply tap the top of the egg, place it vertically in the Eggstractor and cover with the peeling bellow and PRESS DOWN! Now you have perfectly shelled eggs!

Benefits From Using The Eggstractor

  • The Eggstractor peels eggs 10x faster than by hand!
  • There is no mess with the Eggstractor.
  • It’s great for preparing delicious, healthy snacks that the whole family will love!
  • Now you can add egg protein to your foods quickly and easily.
  • The Eggstractor is fun and safe for kids, too!
  • Does The Eggstractor Really Work?

    Nick and I have not personally tried the Eggstractor but feel that this should work as advertised. (If you personally know different, please let us know!)

    Should I Buy The Eggstractor?

    The Eggstractor is a solid working solution to the hassle of peeling hard boiled eggs. It’s safe and easy to use and is a great buy for anyone who hates peeling eggs or just cooks with them a lot! So if you have a love for hard boiled eggs, but hate peeling them, be sure to do yourself a favor and click that big yellow box below to get YOUR Eggstractor today!

    What are YOUR thoughts about The Eggstractor? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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    17 comments on “As Seen On TV: The Eggstractor Egg Peeler Commercial
    1. Conorcomedian 1994 says:

      This commercial would be perfect if the guy didn’t talk so fast

    2. Roshkin says:

      You should review it! Lots of people have had trouble with it in practice.

    3. Kaylas Nerdom says:

      This product doesn’t work

    4. Liam Mcgee says:

      it’s stupid how they say it peels eggs 10x faster than by hand because everyone takes a different amount of time

    5. ja1kee says:

      Proven by fake science!

    6. Orvelin Lopez says:

      The one second slicer I really want it but I don’t know if it works

    7. Edward Nayegon says:

      Can you please review wonder forts?

    8. Chely Gonzalez says:

      Grav3yardgirl tried this!

    9. erica penny says:

      Can u guys review this!!!

    10. Roshkin says:

      Also shaking it in a cup with water actually works reasonably well and doesn’t cost as much

    11. jose ramos jr says:

      +The As Seen On TV Blog Can you please review the swivel sweeper max

    12. Glitchy_The_Ghost says:

      This product seems WAY too complicated for just de-shelling hard-boiled eggs.Ya wanna know the secret on how to de-shell a hard-boiled egg properly? Okay, first you crack the shell by tapping it on the counter and then rolling it around a little. Making sure that the entire shell is mostly cracked. Next, run it under some warm water whilst carefully pulling apart the shell from the egg. If you get good enough, you can finish this with no mess (On your counter) and in about ten seconds.As an added bonus, it looks way better doing this method if you’re cooking in front to friends/others rather than pulling out a complicated contraption that looks like the bendy part of a bendy straw.

    13. Jesse Mam says:

      Use a life hacks

    14. KataWolf says:

      Didn’t Ellen try this thing out once? And it was a flop?

    15. higoten1993 says:

      +CrazyRussianHacker shows how you can do this

    16. buzzler745555 says:

      If you actually cook the egg properly, you can peel it in the same time you use this contraption

    17. FPSNerd 768 says:

      I just crack the egg on the flatter sidePWNED

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