As Seen On TV: The Fresh Toppers Commercial


    The Product: Fresh Toppers

    The Promise: “Pop on to seal in freshness!”

    The Price: 1 Double Order Set (8 Fresh Toppers and 6 Pro Quality Knives) for a grand total of $15.99.



Fresh Toppers 30 Second Review

At first glance, Fresh Toppers looked pretty silly to me. I mean, they are essentially a colorful cap to put on a piece of cut fruit!

However, it was only after a bit more time with them that I realized the true usefulness they would have it my house.

You see, my 9 year old son is one heck of a finicky eater. Not only does he have a narrow range of foods that he will eat, but his portion sizes that he wants almost never constitutes a full can or jar of anything!

The Fresh Toppers now allow me to quickly store his unused food in the fridge without a separate container!

The bonus knives that come with Fresh Toppers are decent, but nothing to write home about. But I also understand the need to round out an offer like this one as to make a proper justification for the price.

All in all, Fresh Toppers worked well for me and I feel comfortable recommending them to anyone who wants a simple way to keep extra food fresh without dealing with extra containers. So if that applies to you, be sure to do yourself a favor and click that big yellow box below to get your Fresh Toppers today!

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21 comments on “As Seen On TV: The Fresh Toppers Commercial
  1. Shane Trusty says:

    Fresh Toppers are a fast way to cover food in it’s original container, or right on a piece of fruit itself! (The product is decent but the As Seen On TV grade acting is what makes it fun for me!)

  2. Vania Chanel says:

    $10 for those tiny things? not worth it.

  3. Ác?i?uV??ng MiyanoSizer says:

    “I won’t ever use a plastic container anymore!” Tell me how are you gonna store tomato sauce?

  4. Kenneth Liu says:

    Anything on “As Seen on TV” is FAKE.

  5. chitty sunny says:

    Yummy lol

  6. Jemmie Shi says:

    Her face……..LOL

  7. Daniela Milla says:

    Her face is histarical????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. grace hart says:

    Who would just cut food in half

  9. chubbi139 says:

    ok but what about my watermelon?

  10. Shinzy W says:

    +grav3yard_girl do this

  11. Chloe Dorward says:

    This is an exact copy of food huggers, just with a little tag. Go to and see exactly what I mean. I’m pretty sure food jiggers came first, btw. I saw them (food huggers) on lackluster while ago. Total knockoff of foodhuggers. Wow….

  12. dreamgirl02 says:

    +grav3yardgirl you should reviw this

  13. Emily Casteloser says:


  14. Ally Fawn says:

    “What!? More useless junk I don’t need? Great!” And who just cuts fruit in half? What’s the point of that? And what about if you have a cantaloupe or watermelon or something??

  15. Katikas says:

    Do you people even know about something called watermelons? And do you know how BIG THEY ARE?

  16. ja1kee says:

    Who eats half of a tomato?

  17. Boogster Su says:

    0:54 Oh my god! Fucking bad actors!

  18. MsElizavita says:

    I rather use all of the fruits/vege than buy this shit

  19. Daniel Aplet says:

    Just use a piece of cling wrap,you can make it any size and you can,t seal out more air.It is not hard to use unless your a girl that has blond hair (a little blond joke there)

  20. Alison Ong says:

    My, my the lies people tell to earn a few bucks

  21. Emerald Moon says:

    What about a watermelon? Or something bigger?

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