As Seen On TV: The Genie Zip Bra Commercial


    The Product: Genie Zip Bra

    The Promise: “Designed to give you comfort, support and style!”

    The Price: Multiple prices, but base price is a grand total of $69.84 for 3 Bras.


What are YOUR thoughts about the Genie Zip Bra? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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11 comments on “As Seen On TV: The Genie Zip Bra Commercial
  1. Shane Trusty says:

    The new As Seen On TV Commercial for the Genie Zip Bra is now out. Not sure if it will do as well as the original, but this TV ad is a move in the right direction!

  2. CalypsoCat says:

    buy a bra that’s your size and your problems are gone

  3. Ola Los says:

    What if when you zip it, your skin gets caught in the zip?

  4. Jordan Beers says:

    What if you’re just wearing this to work out and some guy gets creative and unzips it…?

  5. Seyi Adekoya says:

    People don’t put there bras on like that and girls/women dont even have that struggle that old Lady was just being oc and if the strap is too tight make it loose.

  6. Anime Lev says:

    00:32 that looked weird……. And just buy a bra that’s your size and BAM! Your done

  7. Amber Smith says:

    Who the crap tries to put a bra on like that?!

  8. Nancy Fendenheim says:

    i ordered this Bra. If you do you better order 2 sizes bigger than you wear . the zipper is so flimsy it pulls apart and your breast fall out. it is a rip off and if you return you cannot get postage back . They will send you a bigger size Bra. another sucker born , me also said they would send me a $50 Wallmart gift card , I ask what would that cost me they said $1.95 and then they give you this big sales pitch of other things to buy . BEWARE!

  9. King Stylinsons says:

    Or you can get resized and buy a bigger bra or a sports bra your size its just like buying a shirt. But I would buy it if it didn’t have padding. It could show through the shirt.

  10. bart den elzen says:

    graag in het nederlands

  11. margaret maldonado says:

    ordered my size bra, tried to put on, very tight then the zipper sprang open?
    not satisfied at all with the sizeing chart

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