As Seen On TV: The Handy Charge Commercial Review


    The Product: Handy Charge

    The Promise: “The charging station that puts you in charge of where you charge!”

    The Price: 2 Handy Charge chargers and 2 sets Handy charge Skins for a total of $35.85



Handy Charge As Seen On TV Commercial Review

Handy Charge is a great solution to a common problem that almost everyone faces in our electronic age. Yes, the need to charge electronic devices. But as most of you have experienced before, the outlet that’s open is not always the closest, or most comfortable location to have it charging. (Especially if you still need to use it while its charging!)

You see, the Handy Charge is essentially an extension cord that clips on to nearly any table bringing a stylish outlet, and USB connections to a location that works best for you!

And the TV commercial for the Handy Charge was classic As Seen On TV fun! It used the timeless formula of a rhyming voice over guy and lots of examples of the problem AND the solution. (and lets admit it, the cute little charge up sound effects they included in the spot were hilarious!)

The Handy Charge offer itself is pretty decent, but I felt it was a bit more on the expensive side then I would have liked to have seen for such a product. (But as far as I can tell, its next to impossible to get anything else like this at the anywhere else.)

So if you got a need for a classy looking extension cord that looks great exactly where you need it, do yourself a favor and click that giant yellow box below and buy the Handy Charge today!

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9 comments on “As Seen On TV: The Handy Charge Commercial Review
  1. Llee1235 says:

    I need this

  2. Prence says:

    I already have something like this, it came with my phone. It’s a usb charging brick and I have a extension cord to plug into the wall.

  3. Termeh Moini says:

    This is actually not that bad

  4. mrzoozilla says:

    Does this thing work off batteries?

  5. Candy B. says:

    Pretty sure its just an extension cord with an outlet on the end…….

  6. Raymond Zhao says:

    This is so stupid… its an extension cord…

  7. VGtree054 says:

    What’s with that sound effect, did they think it was necessary to use it again and again? Using the same effect over and over Does not make it any more interesting.

  8. yasmin alkhafaji says:


  9. Vloggerboy Hadi says:

    one does THAT thing charges..he never said it can be used repeatedly…

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