As Seen On TV: The Instagone Pro Commercial And Product Review

    The Product: Instagone Pro

    The Promise: Instantly Clean Any Stain Without Scrubbing!

    The Price: Enough Instagone Pro to fill 4 22oz bottles, and 2 spray bottles for $23.98

The As Seen On TV Blog’s Instagone Pro Review

Folks, I’m going to make this very simple.

I absolutely love Instagone Pro.

Go buy it now. Don’t walk, run and get this stuff!

Several years ago when I was a managing restaurants, I began to use Instagone to clean and brighten some dirty drop ceiling tiles. They instantly brightened and whitened the tiles, and I have been a believer ever since!

I can also personally attest to its ability to clean up disgustingly dirty plastic patio chairs and tables as well. (I used it on some patio furniture that had been in storage for several years and it cleaned it right up.)

This stuff works great, and will be your new favorite cleaner for hard to whiten materials, period.

What are YOUR thoughts about Instagone Pro? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


  1. Shane Trusty

    Instagone Pro is a classic As Seen On TV product with a new formula. (I’ve been waiting for this to come back for a while now!) #asseenontv #asotv #instagone #infomercial #tvcommercials

  2. Nicholas Chicarielli

    Oxywhat? who cares…Instagone Pro is the way to go…Great product, great commercial, great pitchman…you simply cant go wrong! I just ordered mine, what about you?

  3. As Seen On TV How Do I Order?

  4. You can purchase Instagone Pro by clicking the big yellow box that says “Click Here To Order” which leads to the official offer holders website.

  5. Website doesn’t work. What’s the 800 phone number?

  6. Here is their customer service number. 877-370-1425

  7. Ola Los

    Doesn’t work and I didn’t get my money back.

  8. Brandon Votaw

    this stuff does work but it leaves a powerful chlorine smell like you’re at a public swimming pool

  9. bobby yoyo

    Why would you have a stain on the ceiling

  10. Private Sodo

    I am too skeptical about this product to even buy it. Every time I see the “As Seen On TV” logo it makes me think of Fingerhut magazine. Products that Don’t work and few that do mixed up in one place for consumers that don’t do their homework. When I see real people posting real use of it…..then I might go buy it.

  11. Glenda Wallace

    This stuff does not work!! The only thing that was instagone was my money. It has a very strong smell. The smell is much stronger than bleach. Called back for a refund and they would only give me $3.19. They did not even want the product back. This is a scam. The only thing that work is the spray bottles that was to be used to mix the product. I could have gone to dollar tree for spray bottles!!

  12. MeanT241985

    Amazon reviews and the rating from Better Business Bureau tells you the truth about this product.

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