As Seen On TV: The Key Brite Commercial


    The Product: Key Brite

    The Promise: “Find Your Keys In A Flash!”

    The Price: 2 Key Brites for a grand total of $25.90



Shane’s Thoughts On Key Brite

Key Brite looks to be useful for anyone who carries keys in a bag or purse with a lot of other stuff in it. (Babies who play with their parent’s keys would also enjoy this!)

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2 comments on “As Seen On TV: The Key Brite Commercial
  1. Shane Trusty says:

    This new #asseenontv commercial for Key Brite does the best it can with a limited value product. (I still think they should market this to mom’s with babies!)

  2. Ellee B says:

    But what if you are driving at night and you go over a bump, which activates it, and distracts you from your driving, which causes an accident?

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