As Seen On TV: The Kleva Chef Commercial


    The Product: Kleva Chef

    The Promise: “Kleva Chef lets you peel and julienne vegetables in seconds”

    The Total Price: (1) Kleva Chef Pro-Julienne Tool, (1) Kleva Chef Power Peeler, and (1) Kleva Chef Spiral Slicer for $22.90 before tax.



Kleva Chef Product Information

Kleva Chef is a high quality vegetable slicer that peels, slices, and juliannes with ease! Kleva Chef is built tough and built to last. Here are just some of it’s features:

  • Peels vegetables in seconds
  • Cutting short or long Julienne strips is easy
  • Kleva Chef Julienne tool features a 13 blade system
  • Stainless steel garnishing hooks let you make professional looking garnishes
  • Kleva Chef Power Peeler is great for finely peeling, or using to make thick slices
  • Prepare vegetables finely without the use of knives or grader
  • 5-Year Guarantee
  • Saves you time and energy when preparing finely cut foods
  • Registered genuine Kleva quality
  • [/box]

    What are YOUR thoughts about Kleva Chef? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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    5 comments on “As Seen On TV: The Kleva Chef Commercial
    1. Shane Trusty says:

      The Kleva Chef is but one of the many vegetable peeler products that are rolling out this fall. (The video quality is kind of rough.) #klevachef #asseenontv #asotv

    2. Olivier Joyal says:

      Fuck that is blurry

    3. Jamie Murphy says:

      Oh my word!?

    4. symmetry575 says:

      It works like titan peeler.

    5. SSketcheDD says:


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