As Seen On TV: The Mattress Wedge Commercial

    The Product: Mattress Wedge

    The Promise: “Fill the gap and sleep better with the Matress Wedge!”

    The Price: 2 Twin Size Mattress Wedges, 2 Pillow Cases, and 4 storage pockets starting at $10.00 + $s/h (Sizes for larger beds are available for additional cost.)

What are YOUR thoughts about The Mattress Wedge? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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19 comments on “As Seen On TV: The Mattress Wedge Commercial
  1. Shane Trusty says:

    The Mattress wedge aims to solve that old problem of the pillows getting lost at the head of the bed. #asseenontv #asotv #tvcommercial #infomercial

  2. emalene yenia says:

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  3. Marlena Linne says:

    This thing is so ridiculous it boggles the mind that anyone would even think of ordering one. If it weren’t for ruining my own tv, I’ d throw something at it when I see this piece of junk advertised. How about just moving the mattress up closer to the headboard? Or shoving them closer together? DUH!!! And then there are complaints about the “buy one, get one free”. Well, double-duh!! The manufacturer is taking advatage of you because you were stupid enough to order one in the first place.

  4. nancy thacker says:

    I think it’s a great idea. My mother is 85 years old and she has a gap between her mattress and the wall so she can put her fitted sheets on. She sleeps in a small pillow and it fell behind the mattress onto the floor and she could not reach it. That would be great for her.

  5. Channie's ???? ? says:

    Do they know you can just push your bed to the wall ? –‘

  6. 89990000 says:

    You can just push your bed to the end……

  7. stephanielover says:

    This commercial is so stupid!!! Why would anyone even buy this???

  8. Kurt Bergeron says:

    I’ve had he wedgies. A mattress wedge doesn’t sound comfortable at all ;)

  9. Zerek Tyler says:

    I just want to know the song…anyone?

  10. Sean Lewis says:

    Whats to say that the wedge ITSELF doesn’t go down the back?

  11. Tamara Henry says:

    i want to see some reviews….. my bed has block pillars….. no you can’t push the mattress closer to the headboard….I use body pillows to try to fill in the gap… they just fall down there too…. its annoying…. if the wedge is solid enough to not squish back there… then this thing is genius …..

  12. UltimateScoren says:

    0:27 and you’re stuck digging in their crack to find it all. okay….

  13. Max Power says:

    Why not just use those cheap little rubber skids to put under the bed legs? This thing is pointless and I’ve never had a pillow fall BEHIND the bed.

  14. colinmoriarty says:

    What happens if your mattress wedge falls in the gap?

  15. Dale Penrose says:

    I had a very BAD experience with this company and their ordering procedure. In my opinion, the online order form is confusing and the customer service representatives would NOT ALLOW the orders to be cancelled, even though I called immediately after placing the order and followed their directions of return calling every two hours until their closing. The option given to me was to return the items after receiving them and PROCESSING AND HANDLING CHARGES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE! Don’t buy this product online. You can get the same or similar item at a store near you and not pay any shipping charges whatsoever!

  16. joaquin vilchez says:
  17. 100PercentOS2 says:

    Why do companies make us look so stupid as if we can’t do a damn thing right if we don’t use their worthless products. And here is yet another one. Of course a mattress has to be shorter to get the damn covers down at the foot of the bed. It is normal to see mattresses pushed toward the head of the bed or next to the wall and it looks like these idiots pushed the mattress toward the foot of the bed to show a big gap and sell their stupid product. I’m getting sick of these kinds of commercials.

  18. Corey Shaughnessy says:

    The struggle has never been more real.

  19. ElevatorMan5482 ElevExperiencing Productions says:

    “It’s a bedtime NIGHTMARE!””…down, DOWN, DOWN into the Dusty Deep!””Close the Gap!””…stuck digging in the crack..””…gaping sinkhole…It swallows up your pillows, phone, books and other small items!”Honestly these lines made me LMAO!

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