As Seen On TV: The Mix N Bake Commercial Review


    The Product: Mix N Bake

    The Promise: “The one-pan wonder that lets you mix and bake a cake neatly!”

    The Price: 2 Mix N Bake Pans and 1 decorating kit for a grand total of $35.97.



Mix N Bake As Seen On TV Commercial Review

If you’ve spent any time in the kitchen, you know for a fact that baking a cake can be a messy affair. It seems that you end up using way too many dishes and have to worry about cleaning up that mess!

That’s where the Mix N Bake comes in! The Mix N Bake is a specially designed piece of silicone bake wear that starts out as your mixing bowl, but converts to a baking dish in just a few short seconds.

Now some folks get a bit hesitant when the subject of silicone cookware comes up. They worry about burning the cookware with high heat or maybe they have dealt with a silicone pan collapsing during cooking. Either way, the Mix n Bake does a good job solving those problems.

Silicone pans can take the heat that any home kitchen can put out, and the small height of the Mix N Bake when cooking keeps the sides of the pan from collapsing during cooking.

When you ordered, you’ll get a total of 2 Mix N Bake Bowls, 2 recipe guides, and 1 10 piece cake decorating kit for a grand total of $35.97.

The TV commercial for Mix N Bake was a bit boring for me. They had good potential with the pop, pop, pop segments of the commercial, but failed to make it catchy enough to be repeated.

They also missed a HUGE cross merchandising opportunity by failing to partner with DEVO as the Mix N Bake looks eerily similar to the band’s iconic “flower pot hats”!

Even with the failings of the Mix and Bake TV commercial, I am still happy with the product itself and would recommend it to anyone who likes to bake cakes, but hates to clean up a big mess. If that last statement applies to you, be sure to do yourself a favor and click that big yellow box below to buy your Mix N Bake today!

What are YOUR thoughts about Mix N Bake? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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27 comments on “As Seen On TV: The Mix N Bake Commercial Review
  1. The As Seen On TV Blog says:
  2. Shane Trusty says:

    The Mix N Bake TV is a sweet little piece of silicone bake wear that transforms into a baking pan. (And it doubles as a DEVO hat!) #asseenontv #devo #asotv #cooking

  3. Korryn Rei says:


  4. Lucy Belcher says:

    That is actually the best informercial product I’ve ever seen

  5. kittenlyric says:

    well now I have seen it all

  6. Leigha Jane says:

    or you can wear it as a hat just like Devo :)

  7. Ely Lopez says:


  8. Aira Cabreros says:

    What if we want a rectangular cake?? -.-

  9. meganmak26 says:

    They do realise that they still have to wash the spoon right?????

  10. W Timothy says:

    what if i wanna bake a cheesecake?

  11. hayate torres says:

    this one is good for me i hate to wash the dishes

  12. KawaiiVictini1 says:

    Does this THING really work!? grav3yardgirl

  13. mia bautista says:

    Nice. But you’re not fooling me! Something I hate more than washing dishes is buying things that are not useful…even though I really want it and thingking of ways to use it

  14. Ally Fawn says:

    THE GRANDMA!!! “Eh, I’m going to set this bowl pan thing in my sink.” *nod*

  15. Luka Katchutas says:

    what if i want a bigger cake

  16. L lawliet says:

    “Baking a cake” As you can see from whats in the sink they clearly did just that.I spy with my little eye, 2 buckets.A cake pan.Measuring cups.A cookie sheet.And an unnecessary bowl.

  17. Mimi Flange says:

    Who uses 6 mixing bowls and they flicked the batter every trying to pour it in , bad actors

  18. keny dim says:

    Why can’t you just get one bowl and mix and put that in the oven and I feel like of their making it look like baking a cake is waaaayyyy to difficult

  19. Kathryn Livingston says:

    They must be shitty bakers if instead of rising it falls.

  20. Lily Bart says:

    You don’t need all those things to bake a simple cake.

  21. Kenneth Liu says:

    So how come I don’t leave a sink full of dishes when I bake a cake?!

  22. Feadz Feadzington says:

    Isn’t there going to be batter in the folds?

  23. Anna Simpson says:

    But if it’s out of off a box Yeh ok but most of thine u need more than one bowl and the electric beater would Rip it so I would say that is more messy than normal

  24. Sam B says:

    What if you want to make a square cake?

  25. Azalea Bailey says:

    its not that hard

  26. Yana And Ilona says:

    You need to wash the measuring cup the spoon the everything

  27. Kelsey Cate says:

    I already use one bowl to mix everything in and then I pour it all in the pan dirtying something else. I really think if this product actually works it would be an amazing product. Yes you have to clean a spoon and a measuring cup, but only one bowl!! And the way my sister makes a mess in the kitchen that would be a miracle. No joke the sink looks worse after she is done trying to make a cake or brownies. She makes a kaboom in the kitchen and I’m not sure how. And she is the clean freak in the house too except when baking.

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