As Seen On TV: The Nite Brites Slippers Commercial


    The Product: Nite Brites

    The Promise: “Light up as you walk!”

    The Price: $29.95 for one pair



Nite Brites TV Commercial Review

Parents, be prepared for the begging onslaught that will be coming your way when this As Seen On TV commercial for Nite Brites hits the air in your part of the world! The fine folks who brought us Stompeez are back with another type of kid friendly slippers and this time they light up!

That’s right, Nite Brites slipper’s claim to fame is that they light up with L.E.D. lights whenever you walk. And like previous the many other slippers for kids, Nite Brites come in several styles to choose from.

You can pick between a Unicorn, Dragon, Blue Puppy, Zebra, Monkey, or Bear. (I was kinda sad that they different try to give them more descriptive names like they did with Pillow Pets Dream Lites.)

And much to a parent’s dismay, the Nite Brites TV commercial is designed to capture a young child’s imagination. Between the numerous action shots of little ones having fun to the maddening jingle, this commercial will have kids across the nation begging for these kid’s character slippers!

I would caution those who buy Nite Brites to check out the sizing information carefully when ordering. These type of products tend to be a bit smaller in size, compared to regular shoe sizes. So if in doubt, order a size range up!

All in all, Nite Brites are a great continuation of the character slipper brand and would be a welcome addition to my home if they came in larger sizes. If you think Nite Brites might be for you, be sure to click on the big yellow order link below and get your pair today!

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8 comments on “As Seen On TV: The Nite Brites Slippers Commercial
  1. PixarFan8080 says:

    “All kids will want them”. If I got these, I would burn them for extra light.

  2. Amalia Meilita says:

    Piece of shit

  3. HTFsplendid says:

    like last time, what a thumbnail

  4. brittyy44 says:

    So cute!!!

  5. me and xbox gameing says:

    Who cares this thing treats lobomon and lowwemon like a baby

  6. Elsa Aw says:

    0:27 so fucking creepy

  7. Shane Trusty says:

    Nite Brites are the new L.E.D. character slippers that light up when you walk. These are from the makers of Stompeez, and they use the same TV commercial format. (Creepy jingle + Happy Kids playing = Kids begging for Nite Brites! )

  8. jennifer martinez says:

    where can we buy them

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