As Seen On TV: The “No Freakin Way” Board Game Commercial


    The Product: No Freakin Way

    The Promise: “The Outrageous Party Game That Asks: Would would you Do For A Buck?”

    The Price: $19.95 + $7.95 S&H for a grand total of $27.90.



Shane’s Thoughts On The No Freakin Way Board Game

It’s been quite a while since I was impressed by a new board game and No Freakin Way piqued my curiosity! I had not seen a board game promoted via DRTV/As Seen On TV methods before, and had not seen a board game from an independent company for several years!

The As Seen On TV commercial for No Freakin Way does an excellent job showing you the jist of what this game is all about. (You essentially read outrageous situations and a person decides just how much money it would take them to do it.)

I was personally able to grasp the nature of the game in the first minute of the commercial, but the entire second half was still devoted to explaining the game. (After a while it began to remind me of the “Ball In A Cup” gag from Family Guy!)

I did not get a chance to try out No Freakin Way for myself so I cannot give a recommendation on this product. But if the TV commercial is any indication, you’ll be sure to get some laughs out of it the next time you have some friends or family over!

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7 comments on “As Seen On TV: The “No Freakin Way” Board Game Commercial
  1. marcusseth46 says:

    That’s Funny ????

  2. Elliot Reed says:

    “I know you! You would never live in a glass house.”

  3. BROTH says:

    NO FREAKIN’ WAY!!!!!

  4. roxybrown11 says:

    Do not get this at home

  5. Stish Stash says:

    Looks like fun but the commercial is fucking stupid.

  6. Iva Lourdes says:

    Great article.Thank Shane.I love this blog

  7. Lily Bart says:

    This is so sad…

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