As Seen On TV: The Sammich Shapers Commercial


    The Product: Sammich Shapers

    The Promise: “Turn ordinary sandwiches into extraordinary lunchtime treats!”

    The Price: $18.98 total for 6 Sammich Shapers. ($10.99 + $6.99 S&H + $1.00 Web processing fee.)



Sammich Shapers Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sammich Shapers?

Sammich Shapers are essentially sandwich cutters for kids that remove the crust and leave fun designs in the sandwich itself.

What is so special about Sammich Shapers?

Sammich Shapers’s uniqueness comes from the sheer number of sandwich cutters that you get when ordered. Each order comes with the spiral, the circle doughnut, and the basic crust cutter. But you also get to choose from 2 different bonus sets with your order.

Bonus set 1 includes the dog, bear, and rabbit. Bonus set 2 comes with the pig, fish, and butterfly.

What all is included when I order Sammich Shapers?

When ordered, you get the 3 basic Sammich Shapers, your choice of either bonus set of Sammich Shapers, and the handy sandwich board slider for $10.99 + $6.99 S&H + $1.00 web processing fee. That’s a grand total of $18.98 unless you live in Kansas, and then you’ll be paying sales tax as well.

What if I have a problem with my Sammich Shapers order? How do I contact Sammich Shapers customer service?

If you run into any issues with your Sammich Shapers order, just contact them via the following email address:

What does the As Seen On TV Blog think about Sammich Shapers?

With my daughter in college and my son in the 4th grade, I’m not the proper target demographic for Sammich Shapers. However, both my kids were once finicky eaters and this product would have been great in encouraging them to eat their sandwiches!

The Sammich Shapers offer itself is a great value, and the Sammach Shapers TV commercial was entertaining and memorable. I can’t really see how one could go wrong with this offer!

What are YOUR thoughts about Sammich Shapers? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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14 comments on “As Seen On TV: The Sammich Shapers Commercial
  1. meesecrossing93 says:

    The actors in this are so bad

  2. Jonipoon9 says:

    These aren’t particularly new at all.

  3. Stumble48 says:

    Leave the fucking crust on and eat it like a normal person. Those kids are fucking picky.

  4. Anton Majdanek says:

    what the fuck is wrong with crust? damn kids

  5. Mariah Steele says:

    Lol @ 0:51 I GOT A DOUGHNUT! Same problem as Happy Hotdog man. JUST USE A KNIFE!

  6. Anais Theriault Lawson says:

    Terrible actors, hahaha lol.

  7. 0HAMI says:

    cutting the crust is waste, and why american kids need their food funny shaped that they can eat it

  8. Collin Pribula says:

    Very cool! Loved it!

  9. ??? ?? says:

    Never experienced this dilemma.

  10. Termeh Moini says:

    Apperently heres how to order

  11. HTFsplendid says:

    what a thumbnail

  12. DarkPatro56 says:

    “I got a doughnut. Awsome!” Is circular shaped sandwich so awsome for American kids?

  13. kim smith says:

    I’m white and could never bring myself to eat anything called a “sammich”

  14. Shane Trusty says:

    I really enjoyed this new #asseenontv commercial for the Sammich Shaper. The faux newscast by kids is unique and should definitely get a little kid’s attention!

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