As Seen On TV: The Shnoozles Commercial


    The Product: Shnoozles Natural Sleep System For Kids

    The Promise: “Winner of 2013 Mom’s Choice Award!”

    The Total Price: Your choice of the Shah Shah or Shu Shu doll, with “Shleepy Time Rhyme” book and “And Next Came A Roar” book for a grand total of $35.85

“I’m sure that Shnoozles is a good system to help kids to learn to go to sleep. But honestly, those little monsters kind of freak me out! The part in the commercial where they Velcro each eyelid closed for bed time looks like a someone closing the eyelids of the dead!”

– Shane Trusty


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11 comments on “As Seen On TV: The Shnoozles Commercial
  1. mrzoozilla says:

    Hehe. Yeah “night out”

  2. Shane Trusty says:

    The Shnoozles Natural sleep Solution is designed to help your child get into a regular bedtime routine. (The only thing it would get me to do is stop sleeping from all the nightmares I would most likely have!)

  3. InfiniteCreeper says:

    OR SAVE 20 bucks and say to your kid(s) NO if you do not go to sleep you wont get a (some kind of prize that your kid likes) then turn out the light and close the door and if they get out of bed or leave there room with out a real reason then they wont the the prize and i am 13 and i came up with that in 15 sec it took the commercial 2 months to get an invention thats worth 5 bucks and they try to sell it to you for 4X as much. Commercial logic.

  4. lorifitz100 says:

    Shnoozles is the dumbest name EVER!

  5. ella Whitehurst says:

    A toy will now help you get two sleep

  6. nostalgic247 says:

    here’s another solution: don’t have kids.

  7. Amber Haiwen says:

    ill read the same story for 3 years!

  8. Grace Vita says:


  9. creepergurl2002 says:

    If they start screaming or throwing a tantrum get the belt, that was my punishment and i’m an a’s and b’s student who is very well-behaved.

  10. Yog Sothoth says:

    Yeah, a same time bedtime with some sort of routine is what will make sure your child gets enough sleep. Here’s what you won’t need – what’s in the infomercial. Just do the thing every day the same way, like get the child to pick their favourite plushie toy, or even a different toy every night, just as long as you make sure the process is the same, then go to bed and read them a story and they’ll fall asleep. The only thing you need to do is to start this routine before the problem starts. You’ll be able to do it even if your kids make a scene before bedtime, but it’ll take a lot longer for them to adjust.Also if your child just cannot fall asleep, whatever you do, consult a doctor. There might not be anything wrong with your kid, but hey, might as well check.

  11. frankburt gaming says:

    plushies do promote healthy sleep, I sleep with a one of my favourite plushies then just.fucking.lie.down, and I am 15, if a child doesn’t sleep, then smack them, that was my punishment if I didn’t sleep

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