As Seen On TV: The Skinny Gourmet Commercial Review


    The Product: Skinny Gourmet

    The Promise: “Twist fresh vegetables into healthy pasta dishes in seconds!”

    The Price: 1 Skinny Gourmet, Grater, Safety Cap, Nutritional Quick Guide and bonus Pop Peeler for $25.97.



Skinny Gourmet As Seen On TV Commercial Review

The Skinny Gourmet is a nifty vegetable slicer that allows you to turn zucchini, spaghetti squash and other vegetables into long strands that can resemble cooked pasta when made properly.

The Skinny Gourmet is the second such product to come out in the last few months that makes this claim. (The other competing As Seen On TV item is called the Veggetti.) Both make the same basic claim, but where the Skinny Gourmet shines brighter is in the accessory and bonus offer categories!

The Skinny Gourmet offer consists of One Skinny Gourmet, Grater, Safety Cap, Nutritional Quick Guide and bonus Pop Peeler for $25.97!

The Skinny Gourmet commercial itself stuck to the traditional route and played up the selling points of the product quite well. (Positioning this item as a gluten free product was also quite smart as that trend continues across America!)

If you or someone you love is looking to lose some weight in the near future, the Skinny Gourmet is a no brainer to add to your weight loss arsenal! So do yourself a favor and click that big link below to order your Skinny Gourmet today!

What are YOUR thoughts about Skinny Gourmet? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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8 comments on “As Seen On TV: The Skinny Gourmet Commercial Review
  1. Riezlkayla Tuparan says:

    isn‘t this the vegetti?

  2. geral spiee says:

    Isn’t this called the vegetti??

  3. Shane Trusty says:

    One of the interesting things about the #asseenontv business is that you will occasionally get 2 similar products on the market at the same time. This #tvcommercial for the #SkinnyGourmet falls in this category since it is very similar to the #veggetti .Veggetti Commercial Veggetti As Seen On TV Turn Vegetables Into Spaghetti As Seen On TV Blog

  4. Garrus Vakarian says:

    They forgot one thing: It tastes like shit.

  5. Giovanna Borges. says:

    I really want this!

  6. Stumble48 says:

    It’s not pasta! Pasta is made with plants like wheat.

  7. Lexie says:

    Purchased Jan 3, 2014. It’s now March 10, 2014 and I STILL DON’T have it. I called them in February and they said oh it’s on back order so sorry – blah blah blah. Good thing i called. You’ll get it in a couple of weeks. Not true because a few weeks later I got a card in the mail giving me until march 11th to cancel my order if I don’t want to wait anymore. I called today 3/1014 @ 1:02pm and was told “oh they cancelled my order” the post card gave me until the 11th but was told – yes but they process things a day early. If I want I could re-order. What a crock!!!! I’m so discusted in their service or lack there of ill find their competitor and purchase 5 because because i can – no matter the cost. skinny gormet SUCKS!!!! Wonder how long it will take to get my “money” back seeing as though they cancelled my order. Two thumbs down…. For sure!!!!

  8. Jerry says:

    Well…I was really excited about this product, ordered it as soon as I saw the commercial on TV. That was in Nov. or Dec. of 2013…STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE PRODUCT AND NOW CANNOT ACCESS THE WEBSITE. Nice!

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