As Seen On TV: The Spin Blox Commercial


    The Product: Spin Blox

    The Promise: “Interlocking blocks & gears that spin and turn into live-action fun!”

    The Price: 2 Spin Blox Sets for a grand total of $23.98. (CA and NJ residents will pay sales tax.)

    The Commercial:



Frequently Asked Spin Blox Questions

What are Spin Blox?

Spin Blox are a series of plastic construction toys for kids that have attachable, motorized spinning objects. (When put together, they kind of remind me of a Rube Goldberg machine!) Like most other kids construction toys, Spin Blox are a great way to get your young one to try out an architectural toy.

What all do I get when I order Spin Blox?

When ordered, you’ll get 2 full 40 piece Spin Blox Sets for a grand total of $23.80. (CA and NJ residents will need to pay sales tax as well.)

What if there is a problem with my Spin Blox order? How do I contact the Spin Blox customer service department?

Spin Blox customer service can be contacted via the following methods:

Phone: 866-262-3279


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10 comments on “As Seen On TV: The Spin Blox Commercial
  1. CatsInWondeland says:

    Um that seems boing lol

  2. Emily B says:

    So all they do is spin….?

  3. Kanisha Partosa says:


  4. stezton says:

    Spin-dance-a-mania? (facepalm)

  5. kissarmy110936 says:

    more junk to fill up are landfills great

  6. alexbear670 says:

    anyone else hearing “Save us, Save us”

  7. Elsa Aw says:

    Why would anyone buy this crap

  8. BemaniFan says:

    I wonder if they spin

  9. Shane Trusty says:

    This new commercial for #Spinblox is a great example of some of the areas that #AsSeenOnTV products have explored in the past few years. The toy itself reminds me of a #rubegoldberg machine!

  10. JESSIEKadalon says:

    the little girl in the blue shirt showing her mom how to work them is MY LITTLE COUSIN <3 SO PROUD OF U SAMMIE LOVE U <3

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