As Seen On TV: The Stream Machine TV Commercial And Review

The Product: Stream Machine

The Promoter: Spark Innovators

The Promise: “Connects Your Devices To Your Radio!”

The Total Price: 2 Stream Machines For $29.99 before tax.

Stream Machine Product Information

The Stream Machine is essentially a wireless FM radio transmitter that attaches to your cell phone that allows you to broadcast your music to any unused FM channel in your vehicle’s radio. Simply tune in an unused FM radio signal and match that frequency on the Stream Machine, and you’re ready to listen to any music or podcast that you have or can pick up on your phone! (Another great benefit to using the Stream Machine is that it acts like a speakerphone when someone calls you!)

Stream Machine Review

Should You Buy The Stream Machine?

While researching the Stream Machine it quickly became apparent that they just branded a generic Wireless FM transmitter for a phone. (We found the exact same thing unbranded and for much cheaper at!) So buy the Stream Machine if you like, but for us, the better deal is the non branded version.

What are YOUR thoughts about Stream Clean? Did we get it wrong? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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13 comments on “As Seen On TV: The Stream Machine TV Commercial And Review
  1. Conorcomedian 1994 says:

    Why would a radio station say, “but first, here is some boring commercials”?

  2. Chely Gonzalez says:

    Wonder how well it works.

  3. Dani Morris says:

    so basically this is instead of using an aux jack

  4. ja1kee says:

    I don’t see any need for this product at all. Auxiliary jacks are there for a reason and I guarantee that it would give better audio quality than something that streams through your radio

  5. Hex Dan says:

    Wouldent PPL be able to listen to your phone calls ??

  6. Austin Pritchett says:

    I’d like to see a review on this.

  7. Allan Biala says:

    0:25 Airhorn and 911? Hmm… Jet Beams =/= Steel Fuel everyone.

  8. ThatSeaBiscuit says:

    I wish that they would at least play good music IN the comercial.

  9. Glitchy_The_Ghost says:

    Is commercial fake? There no way at all this can be a real commercial.

  10. Anthony Gaddy Video Tutorials says:

    Lol the Radio says listen to boring commercials! That is why I liked this funny comedy commercial

  11. Charlie Shawcross says:

    This would be illegal in the UK. Unauthorised radio streams.

  12. gorillaz lover says:

    0:24 get rekt.

  13. Lipstick Molds says:

    The stream machine looks great and useful, but I doubt it’s really so good as you said?

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