As Seen On TV: The Twin Turbo Vegetable Peeler Review


Twin Turbo Commercial

    The Product: Twin Turbo Vegetable Peeler

    The Promise: “Peel And Slice Vegetables In An Instant”

    The Total Price: 2 Twin Turbo vegetable peelers and recipe guides for a grand total of $23.98 before tax.



Twin Turbo Product Information

What Is The Twin Turbo?

Regular peelers take too much time!

Regular peelers take too much time!

Twin Turbo is a tough as nails vegetable peeler that lets you peel in both directions and has a julienne blade on the opposite side so it can slice as well!

What Makes Twin Turbo A Good Buy?

For me, the Twin Turbo’s all metal construction makes it a winner. Plus, the ability to peel in both directions is an absolute time saver when there’s a big pot of potatoes needing peeled!

Does Twin Turbo Have A Special Offer?

Buy One Get One (BOGO)

Twin Turbo Total Price Breakdown

Buy one Twin Turbo for $10 + $6.99 s/h and get a second Twin Turbo for just an additional $6.99 s/h for a grand total of $23.98.

Twin Turbo Lowest Price

The lowest price that I could find this exact offer is at the website.

(Alternatively, you can see if you can find it cheaper at by searching in the box below:)

Where To Buy Twin Turbo?

This Twin Turbo offer is not available in stores. We have only found them at the website.

Does Twin Turbo Have A Warranty or Guarantee?

Twin Turbo is covered by a full 30 day money back guarantee minus the cost of shipping and handling.

Twin Turbo Customer Service Information

No customer service information is included on the Twin Turbo website.

Does Twin Turbo Really Work?

We have not been able to test Twin Turbo personally as of yet. However, based on previous experience with this style of vegetable slicer, we feel it should work as demonstrated in the commercial.

Twin Turbo Review: Our Conclusion

Twin_Turbo_As_Seen_On_TV_Commercial_Buy_Twin_Turbo_As_Seen_On_TV_Vegetable_Peeler_5 All in all we feel that the Twin Turbo is a good vegetable peeler at a decent price. Twin Turbo is great for anyone who cooks but wants to save some time and effort. So if that happens to be you, be sure to do yourself a favor and click the big yellow box below to get YOUR Twin Turbo today!


What are YOUR thoughts about Twin Turbo? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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9 comments on “As Seen On TV: The Twin Turbo Vegetable Peeler Review
  1. Little Doby says:


  2. Shane Trusty says:

    Why yes, I do have another commercial featuring another vegetable peeler! This one is called the Twin Turbo. Click the link below for my initial review: #asseenontv #asotv #twinturbo

  3. Alice White says:

    But normal peelers only slices in ONE DIRECTION, sorry i had to.

  4. Algerro Martin Reyes says:

    Twin Turbo peeler is awsome.

  5. EAPK12 says:

    Normal peelers only peel in one direction because you are suppose to direct the blade away from yourself

  6. sharron chen says:

    You suck

  7. Taha Jamhour says:


  8. Rachel Silveira says:

    Stupid.. But my mom needs it

  9. Glitchy_The_Ghost says:

    Since when did peeling something needed to be lightning fast?

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