As Seen On TV: The Yoshi Grill And Bake Cooking Mats


    The Product: Yoshi Grill And Bake

    The Promise: Cook Food Evenly While Keeping Your Grill Clean

    The Price: 2 Yoshi Grill Mats, 1 Yoshi Bake Mat and 1 Grip And Flip For $26.97



Yoshi Grill And Bake Review

The Yoshi Grill And Bake is the 2nd product to the market, (the 1st was the Miracle Grill Mat,) that allows you to place it on high temperature surfaces like your grill and stove to cook mess free!

If you’ve ever tried to go through the hassle of cooking hard to grill foods like fish or vegetables, you’ll truly appreciate how the Yoshi Grill and Bake makes this virtually pain free.

When ordered, you’ll get 2 Yoshi Grill Mats, 1 Yoshi Bake Mat and 1 Grip And Flip for a grand total of $26.97. (CA and NJ residents will also need to pay sales tax.)

The As Seen On TV commercial for the Yoshi Grill and Bake did an excellent job of covering the benefits of using a grill mat, and the bonus items of the Yoshi baking mat and Grip and Flip make this an even better value.

Yoshi Grill And Bake Video Review

So if you’re tired of cleaning up big messes after grilling, be sure to do yourself a favor and click that big yellow box below to get YOUR Yoshi Grill and Bake now!


What are YOUR thoughts about the Yoshi Grill And Bake? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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19 comments on “As Seen On TV: The Yoshi Grill And Bake Cooking Mats
  1. Shane Trusty says:

    Although the Yoshi Grill And Bake is not the 1st #asseenontv product of it’s kind to hit the market, it is definitely has the better commercial and offer!

  2. Ion McKinney says:

    Only Griddle!!!

  3. Anji Motomura says:

    the grill marks on the meat isnt even aligned with the grills under the mat.what even.

  4. Channie's ???? ? says:

    Who cooks eggs on a grill ?

  5. Hayley Copper says:

    Yo-Yo-Yoshi! ???? ????

  6. Coco Moon says:

    sooo isn’t that the same as using a pan?

  7. Nicki Tinez says:

    Why does this other commercial look like it does the exact same thing?? Plus this new one cost more??

  8. SuperMarioSonicFan100 says:

    Yoshi Grill and Bake? Doesn’t ring a bell at all…

  9. dear yosie grill i was wondering if the yoshie grill works on stove tops chris hanbery . god bless.

  10. Shane Trusty says:

    The Yoshi Grill and Bake can work on stove tops as long as you keep the temperature below 500 degrees.

  11. Eduyn Castro says:

    A green guy from Mario Bros is named Yoshi. He can be in all kinds of colors. Go to Google Images and then type in “Yoshi”. If you see green, that was how Yoshi looks like.

  12. Mimi Flange says:

    Foil duh

  13. Ác?i?uV??ng MiyanoSizer says:


  14. Ghazanfar Mehmood says:

    Who melts cheese on a grill but good idea

  15. Yuko Chan says:

    It’s really useless, even I do not need it

  16. Katikas says:

    Or just show us a sped up clip of you ACTUALLY grilling it? The grill marks weren’t even correct lol

  17. Kyle Richoux says:

    Um… Pizza doesn’t have grill marks

  18. Brigid Heath says:

    Thats a big ass piece of grilled chicken

  19. Glenn Thomas says:

    the main purpose is no messy grill to clean. I have been using a similar item in my over and never have to clean it. Spilled pies no matter what it whips right off with this yoshi type product in the bottom of your over to catch the “drips”. Saves your hands and oven looks like new. Should work on the grill the same way. hurrah!!

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