As Seen On TV: Tomato Factory Review


    The Product: Tomato Factory

    The Promise: “The simple way to grow big, juicy great-tasting tomatoes!”

    The Total Price: One Tomato Factory and 3 Bushelmaker tomato plants to go in it for $25.98

Tomato Factory Mini Review

The Tomato Factory is a seasonal offer that has been around for a few years now. Their claim to fame has been their easy to set up and use Tomato Factory.

The bottom line is that the Tomato Factory is a good value for anyone who wants to enjoy tomatoes from their deck or patio with a minimum of muss and fuss.

When ordered, you’ll get the Tomato Factory base and 3 Bushelmaker tomato plants for a grand total of $25.98.

I’m obviously a fan!

My recommendation? Buy it if you like fresh food but hate dealing with the details.


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  1. cupcakebby says:

    The Topsy Turvy is way better.

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