As Seen On TV: Tubaroos Review


    The Product: Tubaroos

    The Promise: “Kids Bathtime Fun Colorful Soap Sticks”

    The Total Price: 2 Tubaroo Fun kits for a grand total of $28.97.



Tubaroos Review

What are Tubaroos?

Tubaroos are soap sticks that can be shaped and molded like clay to make fun soap creations. They are made primarily from vegetable oil and coloring and are FDA approved.

What Makes Tubaroos A Good Buy?

For us, the biggest draw with Tubaroos is the ability to make your own soap art creations and then be able to wash with them.

Does Tubaroos Have A Special Offer?

Buy 1 Get 1 Free (Additional S/H will apply.)

Tubaroos Total Price Breakdown

Buy 1 Tubaroo fun kit for $14.99 + $6.99 shipping and handling and get a second Tubaroo fun kit for an additional $6.99 shipping and handling for a minimum purchase price of $28.97 at checkout.

Tubaroos Lowest Price

At the time of this writing, the lowest price to purchase Tubaroos is from the official company website which is linked to all of our big yellow boxes on this page.

(Alternatively, you can see if you can find it cheaper at by searching in the box below:)

Where To Buy Tubaroos?

Tubaroos is currently not available in stores. However you can purchase Tubaroos today by clicking on any of the big yellow boxes on this page.

Does Tubaroos Have A Warranty or Guarantee?

Tubaroos is covered by a full 30 day money back guarantee minus the costs of shipping and handling.

Tubaroos Customer Service Information

Phone: 1-800-372-6040 or TXT 213-926-5885

Do Tubaroos Really Work?

In our experience, Tubaroos really do work as advertised. We were able to mold various soaps with ease. The feel of the Tubaroo soap sticks are a bit strange at first, but once you get used to the medium, it is decent to work with.

We should note that the people who made those soap models on the commercial were definitely professionals! Neither my wife or I could match the awesomeness of some of the soaps that they made. However, we were still able to make some decent pieces that we were happy with.

My wife really loved working with Tubaroos but she was more interested in making fancy decorative soap pieces for show than for every day use.

Tubaroos Review: Our Conclusion

All in all, Tubaroos were a pretty fun experience for us. We enjoyed the creative process in making soaps that were bright and fun to use. We heartily recommend Tubaroos for both kids and parents as a family craft or even for the spouse alone for eye popping soap crafts.

So if that happens to be you, be sure to do yourself a favor and click that big yellow box below to get YOUR Tubaroos today!


What are YOUR thoughts about Tubaroos? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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45 comments on “As Seen On TV: Tubaroos Review
  1. grace hart says:

    Birds and bees lol

  2. The As Seen On TV Blog says:

    Ever wish that you could make your own fun shaped soap? Me neither, but it’s actually quite fun! #asotv #tubaroos

  3. Shane Trusty says:

    Tubaroos are these fun little soap sticks that you can mold like clay. Something tells me that this will be popular…

  4. Dagreekguy21 says:

    Now kids will be swearing like crazy so they can get a stuck of soap in their mouths!

  5. Sezza Bombezza says:

    “From your head to your feets”???????? well done good English ????????

  6. mrzoozilla says:

    I can’t wait to make a nice looking soap and wash my ass with it

  7. Dimitri Petrov says:


  8. Luke Borrego says:

    I love your infomercials you should make more

  9. june bloomer says:

    Most of those kids in real life can not do that! I mean really? A shark, a rat? And a bouquet?

  10. Shaun Yap says:

    ” I love to get clean, you know what I mean”?! What?!

  11. Seamus Fenn says:

    “FROM THE BIRDS TO THE BEES” -_- really

  12. InfiniteCreeper says:

    1:05 i dont think it is normal to “love Love LOVE” a sope lion

  13. Bella b says:

    1:19 … wow english

  14. The Cookie Hoarder says:

    Nice birds and the bees reference.

  15. grecia ochoa says:

    those kids make better things than me .i would make a potato ;^;

  16. iluvpinkandgold says:

    This has yeast infection written all over it

  17. Panda Princess says:

    Perfect grammar

  18. jscharf2002 says:

    This would be fun, but after you molded it it doesnt stays like this , i mean kids press hard on the soap and then you have a mashed shark , racecar or whatever

  19. louisa veronica says:

    you said must be 8 at the last part

  20. Juno Donatella says:

    1:00 is that Consuela from family guy?

  21. Juno Donatella says:

    1:00 is that Consuela from family guy?

  22. Emily Rousse says:

    “Birds and bees”

  23. Zara Asif says:

    He means soap

  24. Sspitfire says:

    “birds and bees!”Did they just… *sigh*

  25. CaliCaliente00 says:

    This is actually a very cool idea!

  26. Kyla Chu says:

    Yes. Make a lion kids. Then use them in the bath and mess it up. Make another lion and mess it up again.

  27. Artistic Llama says:

    Hehe, he said birds and bees. That’s after the soap.

  28. Melissa Esmore says:

    I have trouble drawing a tree, idk how the hell these kids are going to make these kid of things……

  29. Raqilla Arzha says:

    Order this product until RI (Replubik of Indonesia

  30. girlstorm09 says:

    this look so cool:P I had a soap maker but it was nothing like this…it was more of a little toy machine you put bar soap in that was already provided then some how melted it down and then you can pour it in molds….it was fun but for some reason i was allergic to that soap…but play dough like soap would be so awesome. (as long as it wouldnt make me allergic too)

  31. Porsh Lachance says:

    You shouldn’t wash your face with body soap it’s really bad for your skin!!

  32. Porsh Lachance says:

    This would be so much better if the different colours were different smells. Who wants un scented soap?

  33. kay maranon says:


  34. kay maranon says:


  35. kay maranon says:


  36. Kyla Chu says:

    “Make Tubaroos soap treats that get you clean FROM YOUR HEAD TO YOUR FEETS!”They just HAD to make it rhyme with bad English

  37. heckyeahtumblr says:


  38. Foxy The mangle says:

    I dont think they whant birds and bees soap ????

  39. kayle solorzano says:

    That voice …..I hear it all the time

  40. Alex Perrine says:

    They’re bendaroos but for the tub

  41. LPS Dingo says:

    Birds and bees lol head to your feets

  42. harriet gardner says:

    birds and bees wink wink nudge nudge say not more say no more

  43. Kyla Chu says:

    “You know what I mean!”Uhh, no I don’t…

  44. johanna jimenez says:

    What’s more fun than a bar xD

  45. ThatsTWOSimple says:

    0:46 Why I wouldn’t buy this

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