As Seen On TV: Turbo Jet Power Washer Review


    The Product: Turbo Jet

    The Promise: “Turn any garden hose into a high powered washer!”

    The Total Price: One Turbo Jet with bonus gutter attachment for a grand total of $33.97.



Turbo Jet Review

What is the Turbo Jet Power Washer?

The Turbo Jet power washer is a garden hose attachment that creates high pressure without the use of any extra machines. It works by compressing the water stream from your regular hose and forcing it out at a velocity that’s comparable to many of the electric power washers on the market.

What Makes Turbo Jet A Good Buy?

  • Turbo Jet will save you time by powering through whatever job you throw at it quickly and efficiently.
  • Turbo Jet will save you money compared to electric and gas powered pressure washers. Heck, you can even save money by washing your car at home!
  • Turbo Jet is easy enough for everyone to use!

Does Turbo Jet Have A Special Offer?

This Turbo Jet offer includes a bonus gutter cleaning attachment when ordered from the official website.

Turbo Jet Total Price Breakdown

One Turbo Jet Power Washer for $19.99 + $7.99 S&H + $4.99 S&H for the bonus gutter attachment + $1 web service fee. (That’s a grand total of $33.97.)

Turbo Jet Lowest Price

At the time of this writing the best price for the Turbo Jet is on the official website.

(Alternatively, you can see if you can find it cheaper at by searching in the box below:)

Where To Buy Turbo Jet?

Turbo Jet is currently not available in stores. However, you can buy it from the official Turbo Jet website. (For the sake of convenience all of the big yellow box links on this page go to the official website.)

Does Turbo Jet Have A Warranty or Guarantee?

Turbo Jet is covered by a full 60 day money back guarantee minus S&H.

Turbo Jet Customer Service Information

Telephone: 1-855-355-0413 (Customer Service Hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST)


Does Turbo Jet Really Work?

Turbo Jet works wonderfully! The simple but durable construction means that this pressure sprayer will give you years of service! I have a similar pressure sprayer that I bought a few years back and the only thing I had to do was run some C.L.R. through it every few years as my water has a high mineral content.

Turbo Jet Review: Our Conclusion

All in all Turbo Jet is a quality pressure sprayer that will save you both time and money. We like it a lot and recommend it for anyone who needs high powered water spray but doesn’t want to pay hundreds to get it.

So if that happens to be you, be sure to do yourself a big favor and get YOUR Turbo Jet Pressure Washer now!


What are YOUR thoughts about Turbo Jet? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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11 comments on “As Seen On TV: Turbo Jet Power Washer Review
  1. The As Seen On TV Blog says:

    There’s no need for an electric pressure washer when you have the Turbo Jet pressure sprayer around! #asseenontv #asotv #turbojet

  2. Shane Trusty says:

    I really liked using the Turbo Jet but the music in the commercial made me feel like I was watching a trailer for a summer blockbuster!

  3. neveen jo says:

    I liked it, would i find it in as seen on tv sections in stores?

  4. Alex Reents says:

    U need a power washer

  5. Omar Famada says:

    I just bought it at Walmart and you’re better off using a regular spray nozzle. It only cost $20 so it was worth a shot to try it out, but I will be returning it tomorrow.

  6. Yog Sothoth says:

    Narration by poor man’s Peter Cullen.

  7. Coco Moon says:

    Because of people’s lazy asses, you can get a stupid hoes that will help you clean everything quickly, the only price is wasting 50% more water than you used too!!!! WOW -_-

  8. Eddie J says:

    This was a big let-down. A regular hose does as much. I challenge anyone with this company to take the very one I bought and make it perform on a standard hose as it does in the videos. A real let-down from As Seen On TV!

  9. Crazy D Haynes says:

    suck my money it won’t fast jet water pressure it is lair warn peoples do not buy it I notice my friends tell Facebook world peoples do not buy TurboJet !!!! save peoples s money save neck $$$

  10. Crazy D Haynes says:

    please report world peoples on Facebook do not buy TurboJet

  11. Oppeldeldoc1 says:

    Do you have an earlier ads for this item, like mid-‘ 80s ones?

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