As Seen On TV: Wallet Ninja


    The Product: Wallet Ninja

    The Promise: “World’s first 100% flat multi-tool!”

    The Total Price: $9.99 + S&H


What are YOUR thoughts about the Wallet Ninja? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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45 comments on “As Seen On TV: Wallet Ninja
  1. Nickwithneighbors says:

    You heard him ladies, all you need is 2 inches

  2. lilkimchim says:

    (Buys one uses it one breaking in half)

  3. flylikeabeetv says:

    This is art.

  4. Ryan AsAlways says:

    0:36 did that joke mean what I think it meant??!!!

  5. Shane Trusty says:

    As Seen On TV Wanna Be “Justin Credible” promotes a weird little multi-tool called the Wallet Ninja in this new ASOTV commercial. #asseenontv #asotv #walletninja

  6. Raiden Rodenhuis says:

    LOL two inches

  7. matt fahringer says:

    one of those products that makes you thin why didnt i think of that

  8. 2003rileyroo says:

    omg is this a joke? this is hilarious

  9. Malakai Brown says:

    Now theres a person who thinks he is an ECW legend who kicked dusty rhodes ass

  10. Prawninator says:

    I think I’m in love with this guy.

  11. itisme3257 says:

    This is so in your face!

  12. Jessica Angela says:

    Seems legit.

  13. dfalefitu says:

    I got one.. It’s actually pretty cool. Everything is useful except the cell phone stand.. Maybe it’s just because I have a Note 2 and they advertised a puny iPhone. Eh nonetheless, it’s worth the 10 bucks.

  14. Salma A says:

    “2 whole inches!! *whispers* thats all you really need..”Does he mean what I think he means..?

  15. Kamo7293Gaming says:

    I know vat19 have this in stock on their site, why won’t they make a video on it, something better than this

  16. Saba Soulayman says:

    They stole it from vat 19

  17. Julie Bane says:

    I could buy this actually.. first good ‘as seen on tv’ product in a while

  18. Andrew Kiss says:

    It’s ALL true, except the part about being a credit card size; it’s a teeny bit larger. Oh, and two inches might be enough for you buddy, but I’m sure the ladies would disagree….he he he. :P

  19. Kevin Doran says:

    F**ksake……. I thought this was actually Justin Credible

  20. ja1kee says:

    I’m 5 seconds in and I’m already speechless

  21. Truthseeker1961 says:

    I don’t normally use letter openers but the one in this thing is for shit, not nearly sharp enough to do the Job, TERRIBLE, even though the guy in the vid fakes it as if it’s super sharp…It isn’t, on the plus side it’s extremely durable and virtually unbreakable.

  22. neveen jo says:


  23. Christina R says:

    The crazy thing is this is real…Wallet Ninja As Seen On TV Commercial Wallet Ninj…:

  24. dementionX says:

    You are not Justin Credible. You are some scrawny ass moron. And no, you can’t call yourself PJ Polaco, Aldo Montoya, PG-13, or the Portuguese Man-Of-War, PJ Walker, Jerry Seinfeld, Flying Beaver, Chef Natty Ice, or Mr 40 Fuckin Dollars.

  25. Stefan Coleman says:

    Wallet Ninja As Seen On TV Commercial Wallet Ninja As Seen On TV Credit Card Sized Multi Tool

  26. Steve Porter says:

    What 800#? I didn’t see a 800#! :\

  27. LoveLyricalRideX says:

    Nooo.. My mind’s been poison by this wallet ninja, what did i just watched?

  28. staugfl1991 says:

    Hahaha he said you have 2 whole inches that’s all you really need 0:35 and than at 0:38 he said now watch slide any credit card into the slit hahahahahaha

  29. Total Wafflez says:

    Wasn’t he a former ECW wrestler and now is making cheap knock off commercials? LOL

  30. Total Wafflez says:

    @The As Seen On TV Blog you do realize that stealing a former wrestlers name without their permission could result in a federal lawsuit without the proper owners permission?? You might wan to change the name

  31. Rebecca Hudson says:

    Sweeeeeet. Dear Santa:#greatstockingstuffers

  32. Miyavisgirl1540 says:

    I honestly thought that this was a fake commercial. I kept waiting for him to say something about Geico saving you money on car insurance. Sadly, that moment never came. lol!

  33. Alexander Allensworth says:

    That James Ellis guy is a pussy, my friend bent mine in half

  34. alexrox9 says:

    So where is the Phillips screwdriver? They’re all flatheads.

  35. B Sinita says:

    Yeah ???????????????????????????? it’s also great for stealing and breaking into houses and etc.

  36. ash phelps says:

    i bought this for 1.99 in a gas station, and absentmindedly bent it while watching the video.

  37. Keith Crescenzi says:

    I’m buying 20. Every man in the family and grandma gets one at Christmas.

  38. Meludox says:

    “2 whole inches, and that’s all you really need.” is this even a real infomercial.

  39. james palmer says:

    Do they really let you carry it on to the aircraft?

  40. ??????? says:

    “2 inches that’s all you really need.”

  41. stephen lee says:

    this is cool an all but imma never use any of these functions…yes every one :/

  42. The Elijah Duley says:

    first time using it, useing the eyeglass screw to remove a laptop hard drive. already stripped. lol aswell, i tried bending it, like the “body builder” did, and i bent it, so that guy wasnt even trying. i got this on clearence for $3.50 so its not a big loss, but its false advertisement to say it will NEVER BEND OR DULL! and mine did both! in the first 10 minutes using it!

  43. Elianna Mabaet says:

    I’m so mad considering all they give us on the box is just advertising and NO INSTRUCTIONS. I mean I tried using the letter opener and all I did was break the freaking envelop. They show how useful this tool is but they don’t actually show us how to use it. Pointless. -_-

  44. Thamara Toledo says:

    Jajajskajsjsjkajsjakaksjaj… Que chistoso el comercial!!!

  45. Austin Johnson says:

    They pissed me off.i ordered one s they send me a sh** ton of promotions

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