As Seen On TV: Wonki Wands Review


    The Product: Wonki Wands

    The Promise: “Make The Biggest And Wackiest Bubbles In The World!”

    The Total Price: 1 Wonki Wands and 1 bottle of super bubble sauce for a grand total of $16.95 before tax.



Wonki Wands Product Information

Wonki Wands Wonki Wands are the As Seen On TV giant bubble wand that lets you make bubbles up to 4′ wide and 40′ long! Simply make a batch of the special bubble sauce, dip in your Wonki Wands and begin making the largest bubbles you’ve ever seen!

When ordered from the Wonki Wands website, you’ll get 1 Wonki Wands and 1 bottle of super bubble sauce for a grand total of $16.95 before tax.



As Seen On TV Wonki Wands Video Review


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18 comments on “As Seen On TV: Wonki Wands Review
  1. Anna Pesti says:

    Why not someone age 56…

  2. BobToad says:

    So… 56 year olds cannot use these?

  3. lilkimchim says:

    If you want a cheap version check out +NightHawkInLight

  4. Milly garcia says:

    They stole this idea from someone and you could make this at home kids don’t bye This

  5. Zoeybatterup152 says:

    Scientific Super Bubbles waste of money

  6. WWEandORIGAMIFAN31 says:

    Do it

  7. Alex Reents says:

    You should review it.

  8. Doug Boyd says:

    Yea, go ahead and review it.

  9. Shane Trusty says:

    Wonki Wands are the new As Seen On TV giant bubble maker that lets you create giant bubbles 4′ wide and up to 40′ long.

  10. Shane Trusty says:

    Here’s my video review of the Wonki Wands As Seen On TV commercial.

  11. Claire Johanson says:

    I don’t know why… but you remind me a lot like a mix of Dwaine Johnson, and a hamster… XD

  12. Kenneth Liu says:

    Oh come on! You can just make your own Wonki Wands by simply taking out a stupid piece of string and then tie it onto two long wooden sticks. Buying the materials are a lot cheaper than just buying one on “As Seen on TV”.

  13. John Burgess says:

    Reviewing a commercial and not the product itself is so meta, I love it. You do need a better mic though.

  14. Ellie Son says:

    CHEATS they coped vat 19

  15. Queenbee cece says:

    lol bubble sauce

  16. Kyla Chu says:

    As soon as you said “for ages 5 to 55” a few seconds later you say “great for family reunion” what if a family member is 56 and up?

  17. Tails the Fox says:

    *cough cough*Bubble thing*cough cough*

  18. Natalie Brown says:

    “Sorry grandma, you have to be ages 5 to 55 to use”

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