As Seen On TV: Yo Baby Kick Flipper Review


    The Product: Yo Baby Kick Flipper

    The Promise: “Learn To Skateboard Like The Pros!”

    The Total Price: 2 Complete Yo Baby Kickboard Flippers with instructional DVD and stickers for a grand total of $31.85



Yo Baby Kick Flipper Review

Please check back soon for our full Yo Baby Kick Flipper review. (We have ordered and are waiting for ours to arrive in the mail.)


What are YOUR thoughts about the Yo Baby Kick Flipper? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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12 comments on “As Seen On TV: Yo Baby Kick Flipper Review
  1. Emily Di Giorgi says:

    first like and comment !!

  2. Termeh Moini says:

    Yeah it reaches you how to do tricks on the floor but what about the ramp?

  3. Shiruvi says:

    am i the only person who thought this was called ‘baby kicker’ and not ‘baby kick flipper’

  4. Tommy Emery says:

    my kickflips are ROCKIN’ now

  5. BemaniFan says:

    Dat song tho

  6. Seamus Fenn says:

    This is bullshit I skate and they don’t even know how to spell ollie

  7. Mckayla Moskal says:

    That song creeped me out a little.

  8. b017ni3 says:

    do they mean ollie? I’ve never heard of a yollie…

  9. Queenbee cece says:


  10. Lurkstatusss says:


  11. Marc Arriaga says:

    Or you could take the bottom of of your own skateboard

  12. Indi Sugar Taufik says:


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