As Seen On TV: Zipit Bedding Commercial From Shark Tank


    The Product: Zipit Bedding

    The Promise: “Works Like a Sleeping Bag… You Just Zipit! Fun, Fast and Easy!”

    The Total Price: One Twin Size for $49.99 + S&H or get a Full Size for $59.99 + S&H


What do YOU think about Zipit Bedding? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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72 comments on “As Seen On TV: Zipit Bedding Commercial From Shark Tank
  1. Shane Trusty says:

    I love the commercial for Zipit Bedding! And I can’t wait to see this company’s pitch on Shark Tank tonight! #sharktank #asseenontv #zipitbedding

  2. Mark Aumack says:

    No bites from the Sharks but as a parent of twin boys I was ready to buy the second your pitch ended! Good Luck and keep the faith!

  3. Kyle Adams says:

    I just ordered one of these and when I hit process order I expected to see a confirmation of what I ordered with shipping and handling, this did not happen and I have no idea how much the shipping and handling or the total amount of the order is. Please fix this………..hoping that I will receive an email that tells me my total price.

  4. mark im says:

    The commerical is one of the worst i have ever heard,the guys voice just drove me nut’s..Its the parents that pay for it,and are the one’s that it should be directed towards..Instead your chasing kids with a crazy voice,kids do not sit down and what commerical’s unless it’s a cartoon..the sharks had it correct,sorry but as much as i thought it was a good idea..I could not listen or watch it…maybe those two women will learn a hard lesson..I had thought about investing,but who wants to deal with know it all’s.Oh the other issue is that the kids can not bundle up when it’s cold with that system,as it just lays on top,think about the reason cover get messed up,its because we like to wrap them around ourselves…also the time of day that cheap late night commerical’s are on the kids are asleep,so do you really think anyone wants to hear that voice late at night…

  5. Ryan Caliendo says:

    This commercial is pretty obnoxious and makes me not want to but product…

  6. cuff1957 says:

    shark tank was correct im out

  7. mrzoozilla says:

    Why the fuck did that kid have an iphone 5?

  8. Whangadu says:

    The younger blonde could have gotten an amazing deal, if she kept her mouth shut.

  9. Amberuzor says:

    To be honest this is a great product, but I have to agree with the sharks. They are very closed minded and they get in their own way. If the one lady would’ve shut up and maybe let her sister speak maybe the could’ve got a deal. She wouldn’t let her own sister/business partner speak and for that reason I’m out

  10. sleepyfacedangel says:

    What a neat idea!

  11. EZCrosser20 says:

    To be honest, this is kinda useful.

  12. Jillian G says:

    since when do 6-8 year old have Iphones?

  13. angelswave88 says:

    Please make this for college kids :P

  14. Annie Truong says:

    Must need for college

  15. icyhotonmynuts says:

    I like the glow in the dark. But those are NOT cool colors. How about bedding with boobs of all shapes and sizes? In a queen or king size bedding. I’d buy that.

  16. EbY LoVeSYoU says:

    I want it but im in Nederland

  17. ThatGingerOne says:

    Kids won’t go to bed? Still running around at night? Just trap them in their bed, that’s right, just zip them up nice and tight, doesn’t matter if they can’t move, they don’t need any blood in their legs, it’ll teach them not to run around. Just zip them up, switch off the light and shut the door…

  18. grecia ochoa says:

    why would little kids have phone xD??

  19. Channie's ???? ? says:

    I think the music just raped my brain ?

  20. chubbi139 says:

    I’d feel so trapped in that thing

  21. Rohit Eligeti says:

    You don’t have to zip it actually

  22. Isabella Dasilva says:

    I feel like my mom is the only mom that doesn’t tell me to make my bed…

  23. John L. says:

    Does the music make it cooler lol

  24. Onexs O says:

    XD 0:00 – 0:08!! Omg!! LAUGHED so hard!

  25. Edward Nayegon says:

    Want want want want want

  26. Dong-han Kim says:

    WTH is the retainer???

  27. Nadina Skudrina says:

    i want it

  28. Connor Barbour says:

    Whoa a sleeping bag

  29. bloodsugarcrazy3 says:

    That mofo’s voice is so annoying….

  30. Maggie Taylor says:

    This is my worst nightmare. (I hate being trapped by covers)

  31. hayate torres says:

    my mom never told me to make the bed

  32. Emmaline G. says:

    the music

  33. Elizabeth Williams says:

    Why would a 6 year old have a I phone ????

  34. Emily Rousse says:

    they just want there kids to zipit get it? no? ok

  35. crazylove355 says:

    I saw this idea on shark tank!!!

  36. carson johnson says:

    wtf who needs that uuugggggghh infomershals make everything seem hared >:|

  37. Hannah Hill says:

    It is not that hard to make a bed. I promise lol

  38. emrocks5678 says:

    If u are old enough for a cell phone, I think you may be a little too old for zip it bedding which is a glorified sleeping bag

  39. Amber Haiwen says:

    what the heck is the music in the background

  40. mayaworld22 says:

    The song just lol

  41. Mckayla Moskal says:

    That music in the background sounds like miley cyrus hip hop music I think?

  42. Omg Hey says:

    I saw this on shark tank

  43. seibertron500 says:

    what’s with the hip hop music?

  44. Alivia Epstei. says:

    When I was 7 I had a iPhone

  45. david peri says:

    have you been making tons of money since you were in the Shark Tank? They didn´t back you.

  46. CrystalGirl says:

    1) If you sew, you can just MAKE this for yourself. 2) Yeah, I have a cool storage pocket for my bed too, its called a night side table. 3) If you DO make this for yourself you can just use glow-in-the-dark fabric paint. And the best part is; it’s custom made!

  47. Patrick Ong says:

    where did you get theme from because I can not find it

  48. Morgan Bennett says:

    I don’t know

  49. sher cyfgh says:


  50. Lisa Hamilton says:

    how long has this been around…because i think this copies off of the much better company who makes Beddy’s. check them out, they are much more functional and cuter.

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