As Seen On TV: Zipit Bedding Commercial From Shark Tank


    The Product: Zipit Bedding

    The Promise: “Works Like a Sleeping Bag… You Just Zipit! Fun, Fast and Easy!”

    The Total Price: One Twin Size for $49.99 + S&H or get a Full Size for $59.99 + S&H


What do YOU think about Zipit Bedding? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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72 comments on “As Seen On TV: Zipit Bedding Commercial From Shark Tank
  1. N.YOUTUBER says:


  2. N.YOUTUBER says:


  3. Naho Swagnoki says:

    0:40He looks WAAAAAY too fucking young to have a damn IPhone.

  4. BobToad says:

    This music made my ears bleed.

  5. Amber Cats says:

    They just had to rap didn’t they? I hate this voice actor I mean like I’d buy this cuz I hate making my bed and when I wake up I’m like what happened … ????????

  6. James Folk says:

    And then there was a house fire.

  7. James says:

    it was entertaining watching you on shark tank.
    It was clear that you used them to gain visibility.
    The entertaining part was where you completely ignored any of their free advice.

  8. Emma says:

    Making a bed isn’t that hard. It takes less then, or should take, less that a minute.

  9. Potatomadness says:

    Yeah because the cool kids like to sleep in a sleeping bag at night

  10. Ashlina Marie says:

    can u find this product thing and i have to say its more of a habit i cant help it does this thing really work ?

  11. Lord McSatan says:

    Only poor kids get excited about a sleeping bag

  12. KaBar41 says:

    Interesting fact, made beds actually increase your chances of having a bed bug infestation as it creates a warm clean home for them.However, unmade beds allow the bed to air out and don’t make it a very habitable place for bed bugs. TL;DR: Don’t make your bed.

  13. crazycherry1995 says:

    I’ll be honest, making a bunk bed is a b*#¢h! But I know this was the product of a very lazy mind. I always hated the announcer’s voice for kid products, it’s so saccharine and grating. I still sort of want one though….

  14. Katr? Vai??nait? says:

    tis is good but why kids dont want make you bed i my self make my bed

  15. Tim Sullivan says:

    Haleys big mouth will be the biggest problem,getting this product off the ground. She is so stupid.

  16. suckstobeyou 94 says:

    the struggle comes when u realize u cant let one leg outside the cover when you feel hot n cold

  17. Jennie Puth says:

    whats w the music?

  18. Lindsay B says:

    I’ll never understand why people can be SO incredibly stubborn about something so silly. When there are *BILLIONAIRES* trying to tell you how to be successful and you think you know better than they do, I’m sorry, but you deserve to go bankrupt. That is just stupidity. I see they still don’t have a commercial on tv (Bahahahahaa). You know your kid will be REALLY lazy if you need to buy them one of these, since there is no easier or faster task than straightening out your blankets (LOL). If your kid isn’t responsible enough for that, why buy him/her an Iphone as shown in the brain piercing video? Ugh.

  19. Valis77 says:

    0:36 dat AZZ!

  20. Karen OSullivan says:

    This is a great idea for upper bunk beds especially for grandparents home. As for the concerns about being hot or cold and keeping a leg from out of the covers, just don’t zip it up until you are awake and want to have a made-up bed look! Kudos to the designer…it is a great idea and solved my problem of making the bed in layers after grandkids sleepover!

  21. The Red Skull says:

    This is from shark tank

  22. Amaya Mendoza says:


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