Bacon Wave Commercial As Seen On TV



Excerpts from the official Bacon Wave website…

Bacon Wave™ allows you to cook perfectly cooked bacon in your microwave in just minutes!

Quick and easy to use
Healthier – Less fat, grease, cholesterol and calories
Holds up to 14 strips and stacks to cook up to 28 pieces at a time
Bacon won’t curl or break
BPA Free

Buy One Bacon Wave for $14.95 plus $6.95 P&H and get a FREE Egg ‘N Omelet Wave, just pay additional $6.95 P&H.

Sales tax will be applied to orders from: CA, NV, NJ & NY.

A shipping surcharge will apply to the following destinations: Canada ($9.95), Puerto Rico ($20.00), Alaska & Hawaii ($10.00).

For customer service, please call 888-326-0974 between the hours of 8:00AM — 8:00PM EST. The quickest and easiest way to contact us 24 hours a day is by going to Please allow 24–48 hours from placing your order until its updated in our systems.

What are YOUR thoughts about the Bacon Wave? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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32 comments on “Bacon Wave Commercial As Seen On TV
  1. bleachedoutrose says:

    Nutritious bacon?

  2. swaggalikeus6890876 says:

    LMAO i was just saying the same thing,

  3. TheLeighrok says:

    I have this! It works really well!

  4. eternalypissed says:

    its the grease from the bacon that is unhealthy.

  5. Allan Biala says:

    This looks pretty damn useful, i want this.

  6. NoWhereman4444 says:

    0:10. I don’t remember seeing that much grease when I see bacon on the pan. You sure she didn’t just pour soy sauce in it?

  7. 6amb00 says:

    wth, whats next egg wave,o yeah they have that tooy not just use a skillet like a normal person

  8. Golfy5746 says:

    yeah i was gonna say…

  9. aneikrust says:

    Microwaving is not a healthy cooking method itself, I don’t understand the ‘wave-it-to-make-it-healthy trend at all.

  10. sonicluxray108 says:

    This person is obsessed with his microwave

  11. MagicBulletRegret says:

    It’s good for the soul.

  12. Ubrzani says:

    There is something simalar called Chip wave

  13. Kathleen Tra says:


  14. LunaProspell says:

    I don’t want any nutritious bacon. I want all that grease on the bacon, then into my mouth.

  15. Rojin Habibi says:

    thats a fat family

  16. Chloe Prothero says:

    Now you can eat 14 strips of bacon without any fat.

  17. audrey hull says:

    Omg yes I LOVE BACON

  18. Breezy8o8 says:

    I like how they’re all skinny… Once reality kicks in….

  19. iloveskateboarding45 says:

    the sound of that bacon being consumed turns my stomach. Really foley artists? Celery sounds?

  20. Jay Dub says:

    Bacon in the microwave….fuck that.

  21. twilightjacob120 says:

    But I like all the unhealthy fat and grease :(

  22. Arnold Greginson says:

    or you an just microwave it with under a paper towel and that will drain the fat too o.O

  23. Zachery Williams says:

    and then i can have a bacon grease shower. ooh

  24. StephanieMorelli says:

    epic mealtime would hate this…

  25. Michael Cabral says:

    this is the dumbest idea/invention in the history of the universe hands down.

  26. Levi Warner says:

    I might make many questionable decisions in my life, but I can always feel alright with the fact that someone else endorsed this product.

  27. Levi Warner says:

    I might make many questionable decisions in my life, but I can always feel alright with the fact that someone else endorsed this product.

  28. ebincat says:

    The guy in the beginning of this commercial is hilarious !!!

  29. Sham Wow says:

    Without the ”Unhealthy fat and grease” bacon has no taste.

  30. geral spiee says:

    Fat makes bacon tasty

  31. MKTIllg says:

    Hearing “less calories” makes me want to punch some face.Anyway, I just get the delicious, “real”-tasting Smart Bacon from the vegetarian section. Right taste, not lousy for you. Bingo!

  32. Cindy Le says:

    It’s actually quite good, it still has some but just drops out the extra fat

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