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Excerpts from the official Bambooee website…

Don’t feel guilty about using paper towels any more!
It’s easy to make the switch.
The Bambooee roll is 20 sheets of pure bamboo heaven. It’s made from an organic bamboo source.

Just switch the roll out from normal paper towels and see the difference.

Bambooee is stronger, more absorbent, more durable and cleans better than any paper towel. And it’s so versatile.

Bambooee’s are machine washable, reuseable, they reduce waste, and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Trees are being cut down at an unsustainable rate and 3000 tons of paper towel waste is produced per day.

One roll replaces up to 6 months worth of regular paper towel use. Just use one bambooee cloth for 1.5 weeks and you saved yourself from buying 60 rolls of paper towels. That’s quite a savings.


1. What’s so special about Bambooee?
Bambooee is made from an organic bamboo source where it is harvested using sustainable and green practices. Once harvested, bamboo regrows new sprouts every year. The harvesting techniques used by our growers assures that the bamboo forests where Bambooee comes from continues to grow and yield the same amount of bamboo yearly. Regular paper towels are made from trees. Trees do not regrow once harvested.

2. How many rolls of paper towels does Bambooee replace?
An average household uses 1 to 2 rolls of paper towels a week. 1 roll of Bambooee has 20 reusable and machine washable bamboo sheets. If you use 1 Bambooee sheet every 1.5 weeks you can replace up to 60 paper towel rolls. That’s about 6 months of paper towel use.

3. How to I use Bambooee?
You can attach Bambooee to your normal paper towel dispenser. It will work with counter top dispensers and under cabinet dispensers.

4. How do I wash Bambooee?
You can machine wash Bambooee with your clothing in cold or warm water. Line drying is recommended. Do not use fabric softener and do not iron. Tests have shown that Bambooee is more absorbent after a few times in the wash. Typically Bambooee cloths can be washed 100+ times before losing their integrity.

5. Where should I use Bambooee?
Bambooee can be used anywhere you would use a normal paper towel. Beyond that, it’s stronger and more absorbent then paper towels, so Bambooee can be used over and over again. Use Bambooee in the kitchen, on floors, in the bathroom, for kids’ messes, for dusting, for your hands, as napkins, etc. Please send your comments on original ideas of where Bambooee works to

6. What liquids and messes does Bamboo work on?
All liquids and all messes. Bambooee works on: soaking up grease like bacon grease, drying heavy items like when you rinse grapes in the sink, absorbing like a towel when you wash your hands and need to dry them, cleaning up messes like arts and crafts — especially glitter, cleaning up your kitchen like when you’re baking, washing dishes, removing pet hair and dust from your furniture, soaking up spills like wine or milk, cleaning your bathroom sink, wiping up spills in the kitchen, using it with your sweeper, wiping up sticky messes like honey drips, cleaning your counters, cleaning your baby’s face, cleaning up crumbs, using it as a baby wipe, and there are many many more features for the Bambooee.


Screen Caps from the official Bambooee TV Commercial:











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    What the fuck kind of accent is that?!

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    So basically you’re re-using paper towels. For fucksakes get a shamwow.

  4. TheAsSeenOnTVBlog says:

    Not a clue jointapplecord01. At first I thought he was trying to be funny, but I found some other videos from this company and he talks like that all the time.

  5. LimZero0 says:

    I don’t think I want to know what a husband spill is X_X

  6. Juuuugi says:

    W T F

  7. Dan Doel says:

    Is the woman at 1:10 the actress from Birdemic?

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    We did it Youtube! We found Tommy Wiseau’s long lost cousin!

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    His accent is so annoying…

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    did you notice that too? I’ve been stalking her IMDB page for the last twenty minutes and I don’t see any credits but I dunno.I need to find this out.

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    I say Jabooodydubs should dub this

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    i hate the way his talking,is so annoying

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    His accent :’)

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    Nah, Tommy at least knew how to balance sound. So how’s your sexlife?

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    what about wife spills

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    LIKE URS?!

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    Oh hi, Kopy! Oh hi, Irken!

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    Thank you, I was wondering that as well. Looks just like her.

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    “Husband spills” *Shows dropped egg* Seems legit.

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    I don’t it’s healthy if your family just spills.

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    1:05 Is that Natalie from BIRDEMIC?!

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    HowToBasic spills.

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    Im sorry… but that guy is not asian please stop with that accent

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