Bark Off

Bark Off

Bark OffBarkOff is the ingenious, ultrasonic training aid that allows you to take control over your dog’s nuisance barking. Just switch on the BarkOff device and an ultrasonic signal, inaudible to human ears, instantly captures your dog’s attention and immediately interrupts the barking pattern. This allows your dog to calm down and stop barking painlessly and naturally.

BarkOff works so well because the ultrasonic signal actually teaches your dog the difference between nuisance barking and barking that protects your family and your home. Battery-powered BarkOff can be used indoors or outside and is especially helpful in the car when you have to take your dog on a long drive. It allows you to control your dog’s difficult behavior humanely without trying your patience. Best of all, BarkOff™ is small enough to fit in your pocket so you can take it virtually anywhere you take your dog!

Bark Off Pros

  • Allows you to train your dog painlessly

  • Your dog learns the difference between “nuisance barking” and protection

  • Compact size makes it easy to carry anywhere

  • Bark Off Cons

  • Some dogs will bark more initially when using Bark Off

  • Not an instant cure. It must be used as part of a training process.

  • Batteries lasted about 6 months. (I just started using rechargables!)

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    9 comments on “Bark Off
    1. Losaru says:

      [..YouTube..] Oh you could try training your dog

    2. Losaru says:

      Oh you could try training your dog

    3. BpDinn says:

      [..YouTube..] doesnt that hurt them!?!

    4. BpDinn says:

      doesnt that hurt them!?!

    5. TheEnglishWonder says:

      it probably deafens the dog

    6. lalala113322441 says:

      I wonder if it’s a highs pitched noise that yells”SHUT THE FUCK UP”

    7. Roger Conley says:

      lol looks more like theres a trainer there giving commands and if not then why arnt them robbers using them or are they? XD

    8. TigerRose1329 says:

      I got one of these to quiet my neighbor’s dog, and it didn’t work on him at all, not even when I had the device a foot away from him. Know what the really funny thing is, though? It kept going off whenever it heard my stomach growling! WTF???!

    9. jeanne t says:

      Or just yell bark off

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