Bell+Howell Solar Charger Commercial



The Bell+Howell Solar Charger Can Be Purchased At Or Click Here To Shop For Similar Products

With the Bell+Howell Solar Charger you’ll never get caught without power again!

– Charge anywhere
– The Solar Chargerâ„¢ will draw and store power from the sun, any indoor light source and your PC.
– Adapter for any device
– This offer includes all adapters to charge any of your handheld electronic devices
– Charges Instantly
– Its high discharge rate allows you to transfer power instantly from the charger to your phone
– Easy to carry
– The attached Key chain holder make it easy to carry so its available anytime, day or night
– The Perfect Back Up
– No longer lose calls or miss important e-mails because of dead batteries

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53 comments on “Bell+Howell Solar Charger Commercial
  1. Travis Noack says:

    I think that the Bell + Howell solar charger is a piece of junk because no matter what I do I can’t seem to get my Iphone 4s charging for a long time. It’s just like 1 or more minutes and poof the electricity is gone on my bell + howell solar charger

  2. Julie Orozco says:

    thank you for your reviews i almost bought one

  3. jon framp says:

    this thing works great. its nice at the beach. I have had this for over a year. I dont use it all the time but when on the boat ,camping, or at the beach, it has really come in handy

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