Big Top Cupcake

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The Big Top Cupcake is a set of silicone bake ware that can be used to make a giant cupcake that is 25x the size of a regular one. Creating the cupcake is as easy as fill, bake, and decorate. Each set comes with a top mold, bottom mold, easy center insert, a fast and easy idea book, and a set of 3-D animal molds.

Big Top Cupcake Benefits

  • Turns any occasion into a memorable event.

  • Lets your kids be the envy of the neighborhood.

  • The included idea guide shows you how to make show stopping treats for any occasion.

  • Does the Big Top Cupcake really work?

    Yes, we found the Big Top Cupcake to work exactly as advertised. It really was as easy as “fill, bake, and decorate”! The silicone molds were easy to use and the idea book had several options to extend the product past the novelty of having a really big cupcake.

    Big Top Cupcake Complaints

    Like any popular product sold on television, the Big Top Cupcake has had some complaints. Most of the complaints had to do with either how the customer’s cupcakes turned out from the oven, or on the time it took for the product to be shipped. The baking complaints are typical of similar products as unforeseen variables such as oven type, ingredients used, etc. can alter the results wildly. As far as the shipping time complaints, it should be noted that this product lists on it’s sales page that shipping can take from 2-6 weeks.

    Big Top Cupcake Testimonials

    “I was more than pleasantly surprised with this cake pan. The cake baked up perfectly. Removing the cake from the pans, to include the “cupcake top”, couldn’t have been easier and without any of the cake sticking to the form. Afterward, the silcone bases cleaned up like new.”

    – K Clougherty

    “I have had the most fun making cakes with my grandaughter. She thinks because it’s a cupcake she should be able to eat the whole thing! They are so much fun to decorate and give to people. ”

    – T Raymond

    “Santa Claus brought this to my kids and we’ve already used it quite a few times. Easy to use, easy to clean – it’s worth trying!!!”

    – A LaPilusa

    Big Top Cupcake Guarantee

    The Big Top Cupcake comes with a 30 day money back Guarantee, (minus the cost of postage and handling).

    Click here to buy the Big Top Cupcake

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