Blingeez Are Wiggity Wiggity Wack!

Life is short, Blingeez are smart?

So the kids and I were checking out some of the more recent merchandise to review and we came accross something called Blingeez. Now being fans of As seen On TV, we usually try to at least hear out the pitch on a product. But this one has left us scratching our heads!

From what we can gather from the commercial, Blingeez are essentially some plastic hooks with tape on the back that you can use to hang up your jewelry on the wall. Seriously? But as the commercial says you get not one, not two, but THREE sets of Blingeez! And apparently if you order through the website you can get upsold on some offer to receive free Blingeez for life.

Are Blingeez worth purchasing? I’ll leave that up to you to decide. But for our family, we will just have to stick with a tangled up jewelry box.

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