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Boom Tunes is a compact, lightweight device that turns anything into a speaker that lets you play music around the house, outside, or anywhere you go! Simply plug it into any ipod, music player, or computer and stick the Boom Tunes on a box, table, water bottle or any surface that reflects sound! The bigger the object, the louder the sound. It’s just $19.99 + $7.99 processing and handling for your own portable speaker. You also get a black carrying case with a built in clip to keep your Boom Tunes handy – absolutely free. Boom Tunes comes in your choice of black or white.

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124 comments on “Boom Tunes Commercial
  1. LittleFunky2011 says:

    Your foot? BOOM! It’s a speaker!Your car? BOOM! It’s a speaker!Your knife? BOOM! It’s a speaker!Your spoon? BOOM! It’s a speaker!

  2. ibabaka says:

    hahahah…please tell me this is some kind of joke?

  3. Amanda Lutterman says:

    Is it terrible? Or does it actually work?

  4. Jim Barajas says:

    I WANT THIS, but why can’t i find it anywhere? ):

  5. Rosatii says:

    It works. Its like a bigger Iphone speaker You can try different things and any way you slice it, Boom Tunes is not very loud.However, the treble and bass are impressive. I randomly bought this thing at a $5 dollar store.What people are failing to realize—- This commercial is obviously intended for young kids – Not us sophisticated adults……But even when I was a kid , Id laugh at this commercial and not take the product seriously..

  6. BemaniFan says:

    your speaker BOOM its a speaker

  7. xxchimakaraxx says:

    the shitty excuse for music really isn’t helping me want this product any more

  8. 6amb00 says:

    sports gear and balls? wait for it.. boom its a speaker!

  9. DanceRock2009 says:

    You can’t share your headphones, maybe because your not suppose to.

  10. redTalonsss says:

    I can’t stand all this awkward sway-dancing.

  11. Girtaco100 says:

    I’ve been looking for ways to enhance my dick!

  12. TheMarioAndSonicLove says:

    I use this on my Wii U

  13. TheMarioAndSonicLove says:

    It’s at Five and Below. XD

  14. bexstar14rf says:

    redtalon thats gross

  15. bexstar14rf says:

    never mind

  16. gircakes says:

    The rhymes in this commercial are very similar to the ones in the bendaroos commercial, like “turn that pizza box into a speaker that rocks” sounds like “change a cereal box into a guitar that rocks”.

  17. bexstar14rf says:

    who would want 2 carry speakers around?

  18. magda malik says:

    they seriously have a problem with their dancing!!! x

  19. bexstar14rf says:

    yeah. who dances like that?

  20. TroyanBerry says:

    Waiiit for iiiiitt… BOOM

  21. GTA4masta says:

    Planet Earth? BOOM ITS A SPEAKER!

  22. xxchimakaraxx says:

    what happens if i stick it in the ground?

  23. Emman Castro says:

    What if i put it on my skin

  24. VGtree054 says:

    Ok, In all honesty, what’s the point of this product? All it is is just a disk with this smaller disk connected to a wire that makes random crap play music, yeah because I want music playing out of a cereal box. Just use an MP3 player, so ultimately this product has no purpose other than just picking your pockets. If I use that in public, people would think I have problems.

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