Bright Light Pillow Commercial

Uses 3 AA batteries
Works for hundreds of hours
LED lights guaranteed not to burn out & emit no heat
Light colors change to red, blue, white, green & yellow automatically
Comfy & bright

The Bright Light Pillow has earned a 4 out of 5 star rating from us as it is a clever use of LED lights for kids who have issues going to sleep. Its 15 minute timer helps save battery life and the risk of it being a fire hazard is almost nil. What are Your thoughts about the Bright Light Pillow? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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436 comments on “Bright Light Pillow Commercial
  1. shanell0420 says:


  2. 101pinkmelons says:

    Gay pillows…

  3. Maria Lessa says:

    can i get a number to call to order

  4. Broski224 says:


  5. Littlecupoframen says:

    you know what would go PERFECT while trying to sleep from a loong day of work?Lights.Lights in your face. good job. :|

  6. caycay4722 says:

    Led lights are proven to keep you up at night. Bad invention. Good at sleep overs, bad at sleep.

  7. pyrexkitty says:

    A meowing baby, and a mystery blanket with lights [that I NEED] and a round pillow never mentioned… and a MEOWING BABY!? Weird commercial.

  8. awhdorable says:


  9. teabaggie132 says:

    did anyone notest that every actor was a girl? Sexist..

  10. alexarevalo4321 says:

    I got for christmas a mickey mouse stuff toy love love

  11. HelloKittyVixen says:

    i can’t wait til mine comes i plan to snuggle and smoke weed with! i’m 27

  12. alexiaduh85 says:

    Omg I want it!

  13. Jacob Moyer says:

    is there a cast list for this commercial?

  14. pinkfashionista768 says:

    Wait it shuts itself off in 15 minuets right? Then why does it provide hundreds of hours worth of light?

  15. RubbertheDuckey says:

    Hahahahaha……it emits heat……y’all know there is a scientific law saying that everything produces thermal energy (heat)

  16. 1r0n3agl3 says:


  17. DavidDoesntLikeDogs says:

    For all you haters, you don’t need one if you don’t like it. It’s for kids. I can’t stand you mother fuckers who make fun of stuff for little kids. Sorry nobody loved you when you were one but get over it.

  18. NotSoAverege says:

    00:57 THE BABY MEOWS!

  19. MrAjhill80 says:

    Hell yeah! The voice of reason prevails!

  20. angiemom3 says:

    I travel a lot so this will be goof

  21. ExoticPineapples says:

    hahahah that is the entire reason I looked this commercial up. I had to see if someone else heard it

  22. HurtStrings says:

    Is Matthew Perry the narrator of this commercial?

  23. dadude1425 says:

    Did anyone else notice the clock actually goes 5 hours, not 15 minutes? Lol

  24. KyleLinskinator says:

    at 1:02 it’s a boy

  25. Pooky1991 says:

    When i was little, i wouldn’t have been able to get to sleep with this. Lol i can barely sleep now with any form of light on.

  26. Pooky1991 says:

    Wouldn’t mind getting these for my baby nieces though.

  27. ThePerpetualTech says:

    how would you ‘sleep better’ with BRIGHT GLOWING LIGHTS IN YOUR EYES??just one of the things that confuses me about those pillows…

  28. ThePerpetualTech says:

    “It’s not just for kids. Teens and adults love it too!”-Bright Light Pillow Commercial

  29. DRKWxd says:


  30. Ariana Apples says:

    Ik the guy at 1:02 ^-^ his namr is Kai follow him on instagram itsjustkai_ and on facebook kai olsen swan .. pleasr do it hea gonna be so surprised ^-^ :D

  31. brittyy44 says:

    Omg I want this soooo badly haha! So cute!!!

  32. MegaLisa830 says:

    I have the Starlight Square! ^_^ <3 My sister has the Red Beating Heart! :D

  33. Bella Phoenix says:

    Those pillows are beautiful

  34. zwinkie101 says:

    i actually have a bright light pillow.its a red heart.

  35. zwinkie101 says:

    I mean the red beating heart

  36. D Lang says:

    I Love the love heart

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