Cami Secret

Today’s review focuses on the Cami Secret. The Cami Secret is a fashion accessory that looks
like a camisole, but isn’t. It has special clips that attach right to your bra straps and slide to decide how much cleavage you’ll show. Each Cami Secret is made of washable material with a lace border.

Cami Secret Benefits

  • Cami Secret is cool, lightweight, and comfortable.

  • Cami Secret transforms your clothing from day to night by making a simple adjustment.

  • Cami Secret allows you to get the layered look without the bulk.

  • Does Cami Secret really work or is it a scam?

    Extensive testing has shown that the Cami Secret does indeed work as advertised. It held up well to extended use and made the camisole look easy to maintain in the heat of summer.

    Cami Secret Complaints

    Like any other popular product that is sold on television, the Cami Secret has had some complaints. The few we could find were mostly about trying to get the product as there were some in stock issues with some merchants such as Amazon for a period of time.

    Cami Secret Customer Comments

    “I work in an elementary school office. I don’t wear low-cut blouses to work, but I was sometimes concerned about leaning over to tie a child’s shoe or someone standing over me while I am seated at my desk. The Cami-Secret stays close to my chest. Sometimes the lace peeks over the top of my blouse, but sometimes it’s just there to block any “interesting” views!”

    – T Peyton

    “I’ve got mine! And you know what, it looks great.
    I am planning to purchase another set. I have no issues buying the item. It went so smoothly. Love it.”

    – April

    “I saw the video and I love it especially the fact that they have different color. I had this issue before since I love wearing those kind of dress and my boyfriend always says to have something inside so I can cover what other people might see. And now I am confident that he will never be mad at me because of this product.
    A million thanks and more power to you!”

    – Levi

    Cami Secret Guarantee

    The Cami Secret comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. (Minus S&H)

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