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Cami Shaper Review:

As all ladies of size know, shapewear can be a hassle. Every piece worn tends to increase the wrinkles, bulges, and discomfort. Add a bra to the mix, and you just end up a mess!

Thankfully, the creater of the Genie Bra saw this problem and decided to solve it with the creation of the Cami Shaper!

The Cami Shaper combines a camisole, a shaper, and a bra into a product so comfortable, you can sleep in it!

The Cami Shaper includes 5 compression zones that comfortably control your problem ares. (back, sides, stomach, love handles and muffin top).

And with the built in Genie Bra, the comfort only increases.

Getting the proper size Cami Shaper is as easy as following this chart:

Cami Shaper Size Chart

The Cami Shaper Size Chart

Excerpts from the Cami Shaper Website:

Cami Shaper™ by Genie is the ultimate 3 in one garment. It’s a camisole, a shaper and a bra all in one! Finally, you can love your shape! Discover comfort by matching your size. Available in black, nude & white. Order yours today.

The Cami Shaper’s™ one piece seamless design gives you 360° of slimming technology that helps smooth rolls & bulges and eliminate layers.
Super soft camisole: wear it alone or under a garment.
5 zones of comfortable compression targeting your trouble areas (back, sides, stomach, love handles and muffin top).
Built-in Genie Bra™ with soft contour cups custom conforms to your shape to help lift and support bust while minimizing back fat & spillage.
Flare comfort band hugs your hips to help control love handles.Easy to step in, one piece curve hugging seamless design.
Magic pouch accommodates removable modesty pads for extra lift & coverage.

When ordering today, you will receive a set of 3 Cami Shapers in White, Black & Nude Color for just 3 Easy Payment of $19.99 and FREE SHIPPING!

Screencaps from the official Cami Shaper Commercial:

























What are YOUR thoughts about the Cami Shaper? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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7 comments on “Cami Shaper Official TV Commercial And Review
  1. Juuuugi says:

    yay squeeze your guts.. your digestion will say thanks!

  2. chubbybunnyzz says:

    Genius! For the cons you use ladies with a lot of flabs and then when advertising this stupid product you use a bunch of thin ladies

  3. simlover00 says:

    i hate how when they show the before pics, they use really fat women and then to show off their product, they use almost slim women

  4. Elke K. says:

    Just go to the gym and work off all that fat

  5. kissarmy110936 says:

    girls with that bulg on the belly is hot to me. why dose every girl think they need flat belly. and look like every girl out there

  6. Philip Cerullo says:

    Hey, watch the girl with the back rolls… she’s pulling up the Cami Shaper you can see the video change like the video was spliced….DIFFERENT GIRL! SCAMMMM!!!!!

  7. Marion Freeman says:

    Sleep in a corset with my guts compressed. Yeah, that sounds soooo comfortable.

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