Can The Wizor Replace Your Scissors?




All About The Wizor

Never look for scissors again!

Have you ever searched all over for scissors to cut the retail tags off from a new item?
Have you ever pulled the retail tags off a new article of clothing only to find you made a hole in the fabric?
Have you ever pulled a retail tag off with the use of your teeth?
Are you unable to use scissors because of an injury or disability?
Well look and pull no more! Not only does the Wizor™ let you cut the retail tags from new merchandise in one simple motion, but you will always know where to find it!

With its small size and sleek design, it is perfect to place in your closets, kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, mudroom or garage! Place it in all the rooms and never look for scissors again!

The Wizor Story

Greetings from the people behind The Wizor ™, the original wall scissors. The idea for The Wizor ™ was truly born out of frustration to a common household problem: Where are the scissors?

I was always looking for ways to remove the retail price tags and fasteners from new items. Having scissors lying around the house was not an option with three young children. I would try to pull the tags off only to realize I just made a hole in a brand new garment! I would pull on them and only the price tag would come off. At other times, I would use my teeth or simply pull on them and cut my finger.

As my frustration grew, I became aware of just how many items are merchandised using retails tags and fasteners. Everything I used came with a tag, and some with multiple tags. Clothes, shoes, socks, undergarments (especially difficult to remove because they are so tiny), kids lunch boxes, backpacks, towels, jewelry, accessories, home decorations! There had to be a better way to remove them if I wanted to enjoy my new item free of holes, injured fingers and broken teeth.

I designed The Wizor™ to be the most convenient and safe way to remove retail tags from new merchandise. Additionally, The Wizor™ is wonderful for people who suffer from arthritic hands or any type of hand disability such as carpal tunnel syndrome that prevents them from using scissors.

With one located in my laundry room, my closet, my kids’ closets, kitchen and garage, I no longer ruin pieces of clothing or spend time searching for scissors. It has been quite a journey to create The Wizor™ and I am excited to offer you a solution to such a common household problem.

Gratefully yours,

Angelica L. Cox
Inventor of The Wizor

The Wizor FAQ’s

Where can I install The Wizor™?
You can place it anywhere you find convenient! Find a wall in your closet, laundry room, mud room, kitchen, garage and bathroom.

How do I install it?
The Wizor™ adheres to any dry and smooth surface. Peel off the adhesive back, place in desired location and press firmly for 60 seconds. Let adhesive set for 24 hours before using.

Is there anywhere I cannot place The Wizor™?
We do not recommend using it on papered walls.

What are YOUR thoughts about The wizor? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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32 comments on “Can The Wizor Replace Your Scissors?
  1. TheLegend1245 says:

    I hate it when the plastic part of the tag is IN the clothes.

  2. TheLegend1245 says:

    once you get home you can use ur scissors or buy one heading home.

  3. eeskin says:

    10 dollars? I was wondering how they can afford the commercials at the begining but I’ve got the answer now.

  4. irken24 says:

    This is the second infomercial in a row that’s pissed me off with how stupid it is; the first one was the Lappy. You can remove all of those tags with a snip of your scissors, scissors that you wouldn’t be losing if you kept them in the same place!

  5. stezton says:

    That music is beyond irritating.

  6. grimydazzle says:

    As a compulsive shopper, I’m so busy buying clothes non-stop that I never have time looking for scissors! Thank you Wizor!

  7. madgalcrazy1 says:

    Need a haircut wizor it.

  8. Regan Daniels says:

    I’ve always ripped the tags off clothing and they never ripped the clothing. And scissors for a dollar work just the same as this thing

  9. nintendoatarikiller says:

    No thanks, I’ll use my katana.

  10. fecth13 says:

    Can the wizor cut paper?

  11. squeakstore says:

    If you can’t use scissors you don’t deserve to wear clothes

  12. Tinkltinklburger says:

    Hmm nah ill buy scissors which can do 100x more crap than this

  13. Tinkltinklburger says:

    I hate when they say its not avalible in any store.. Go to the asseen on tv isle.. Wacha gotta say now.. Pfpff you can wizor your ass

  14. spiderman4112003 says:

    I got a pocket knife in my nightstand

  15. lpsluv115 says:

    what if your guest thinks its a coat hanger

  16. Nadia Loh says:

    I hope they know what is a scissors

  17. aqwiz says:

    what is so hard about yanking those bitches apart? doesn’t ever hurt my fingers.

  18. Kenneth Liu says:

    At 0:03 and 1:02, that lady looked stupid when she was trying to pull it. No one’s that stupid to remove a tag just by pulling it!

  19. Kenneth Liu says:

    I don’t really need this kind of wall scissors. I have a really sharp “Swiss Army Scissors”

  20. maryam960 says:

    when I need to hang something, I accidentally cut it. looks like a hook!!

  21. DeoxysDNA says:

    I never have trouble pulling off tags. If it does make a hole in my clothes it’s usually smaller than a pen tip.

  22. Daniela Gutierrez says:

    The only actual use I could find for the would be sticking it on my old sewing machine.

  23. Sarah Meier says:


  24. kileydirectioner says:

    can you stab people with the wizor? exactly

  25. natalja deorbegoso says:

    For people who go shopping ally

  26. natalja deorbegoso says:

    A lot

  27. Divina Kim says:

    just cut it with scissors

  28. HeroBrine352 says:

    I’m only watching this because I’m gonna parody it.

  29. The As Seen On TV Blog says:

    Message me when you have that done would you? I would love to see it!

  30. wcgold says:

    4 Wizors for $10? I could get 10 pairs of scissors for that price! No more searching for scissors when you’ve got 10 of them!

  31. rachsmilealot says:

    using scissors is too mainstream these days

  32. Peacingitout says:

    Its unsafe for kids to use scissors but the id has a sewing machine??

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