Car Valet Review: Does Car Valet Really Work?

The Product: Car Valet

The Promise: “The perfect way to store your extra cups and accessories!”

The Total Price: 2 Car Valet for $22.90 before tax.

Car Valet Review

What Is Car Valet?

Car Valet is essentially an after market car cup holder that fits in the crack between your vehicle’s seats. It provides 2 additional cup holders and a square tray area for your phone and various accessories.

What Makes Car Valet A Good Buy?

Although there are several options for drink holders for cars, trucks, and SUVs, very few use the space in the crack in the seat like the Car Valet. I really liked how it efficiently gives you more space with minimal fuss.

Does Car Valet Have A Special Offer?

when ordered from the official Car Valet website you’ll get an Easy View XT Visor for your vehicle as an added bonus!

Car Valet Total Price Breakdown

Buy one Car Valet for $14.95 + $7.95 s/h and get a second Car Valet free.

Car Valet Lowest Price

At the time of this writing, the lowest price for the branded Car Valet is at the official Car Valet website. (However, if you’re not picky and just want a look a like car holder that looks suspiciously like the Car Valet you can pick one up pretty cheap over at!)

Does Have Anything Like It?

Although you can find some great car accessories at, they have nothing similar for sale currently!

Does Car Valet Have A Warranty or Guarantee?

The Car Valet is covered by a full 30 day money back guarantee minus the cost of shipping and handling.

Car Valet Customer Service Information

Car Valet
P.O. Box 210827
Milwaukee, WI 53221
Phone: 262-787-2033

Does Car Valet Really Work?

Nick and I have not had a chance to test out Car Valet first hand, but based on the simplicity of the product, and the very clear visual demonstrations on the Car Valet As Seen On TV Commercial, we feel that the Car Valet should work as advertised. (If you have first hand knowledge that it doesn’t, be sure to let us know!)

Car Valet Review: Our Conclusion

All in all, the Car Valet is a good addition to anyone’s vehicle who needs extra drink storage space for drinks and accessories and also has a need for a amber colored car visor. (You just can’t find the combination of both of these currently for a better price!) So if that happens to be you, be sure to do yourself a favor and click the big yellow box below to get YOUR Car Valet with Easy View XT Visor now!

What are YOUR thoughts about Car Valet? Did we get it wrong? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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24 comments on “Car Valet Review: Does Car Valet Really Work?
  1. Eshan Sobti says:

    The person driving while taking on the phone your not supposed to do that

  2. Glitchy_The_Ghost says:

    Why do people in the passenger seats need to have their cups held? Why can’t they just hold their own stupid pepsi until the ride is over?!

  3. pickledfetus says:

    But there’s a glove box and a middle console thing for all your extra shit..

  4. Little miss says:

    Can’t these people wait until they get home to drink!?

  5. Synx Itax says:

    The sheer number of failures in this commercial is mind-boggling.First of all, why is the dude in the beginning tailgating a school bus? How fast is he going in a clearly residential area to where he needs to slam the brakes? Also, why does his cup not have a lid? They even show the very same cups with lids on them later on in the commercial. If that fell, it wouldn’t spill nearly as much. Then, why didn’t he put all of that extra stuff in the empty space in front of the shifter? Why isn’t the cup caddy just put on the floor as opposed to the seat? What’s with the two kids in the back needing to put their drinks in the front? Do they not have cup holders back there?This is really one of the most painful ones for me to watch even if the product does seem to be potentially useful (as long as it fits in the car).

  6. Jennifer Flores says:


  7. Jamie Murphy says:

    Three things wrong with this infomercial:1) 0:02 in, why would you hold cup of coffee (or tea) while driving and without a lid? He could scold, those lids were there for a reason.2 0:42 in, not a good idea putting a disposable caddy with four hot drinks on the edge of the seat, the floor would be an ideal place.3) 0:52 in, Does she not realised that it is illegal to talk to your phone while driving in certain countries (like where I live in the UK) and states.

  8. Chely Gonzalez says:

    I actually really need this because our car only has one cup holder & we always have 4 cups when we go out to eat for everyone at home.

  9. ThatSeaBiscuit says:

    There’s three simple solutions to the first scene. First, put a lid on. Second, clean out your cup holders. And last but not least, DON’T TAILGATE A FUCKING SCHOOL BUS!

  10. jeffiegirl says:

    I just saw this stupid commercial on TV and can NOT believe they show a person driving while on the phone, dropping and then picking it up to continue on. Seriously? How many states have laws against it? not to mention yhe man driving behind a school bus with one hand, the other holding an open cup of hot coffee? I know these commercials are cheesy, but this is just reckless advertising

  11. caoimhe gately says:

    it only holds 2 cups its not really that amazing

  12. Kelsey Cate says:

    Someone for some odd reason stole our pop out cup holder in our minivan because they thought it had money in it. It didn’t. If this did work, I would have no place to put it since we have an open middle between the driver and passenger.

  13. Magyar Attila says:

    Why would you put your childrens drink in the front cupholder, when you can put it in the back of the first seats, and in the doors?

  14. Margie Rebaza says:

    this appears to be very useful and handy. i do agree the info-mercial is poorly made encouraging people to talk on tge phone while drivibg and not have a cap on the coffee cup. but it is still useful and i intend to purchase it.

  15. DeoxysDNA says:

    lol @0:10 I like how he repeatedly tries to put the can in the cup holder that’s clearly full of items, then acts like he’s puzzled as to why it won’t go in.

  16. Christine says:

    With 2 teenagers and 1 cupholder in the back; this gadget might make traveling quite pleasant.

  17. Jason Chicas says:

    My drinks always spill when I place them at the edge of my passenger seat, for some unknown reason, but that will stop when I buy car valet.

  18. kneedlezissilent says:

    Promoting that it’s ok to talk on your phone while driving. Dumbasses

  19. Michael Busse says:

    Idiots who made this commercial

  20. Sey-Zz says:

    When the girls went up to that black lady she turned around and was like Dafuq

  21. MUSTBUYRIGHT says:

    since I’ve been using cup holder buddy, I’ve saved 200. a month in cleaning bills. my friends would put their hot drinks right at the edge of my cars seats and watch them fall off when stopping. thanks cup holder buddy. now where’s cane buddy?

  22. Creepy Shadow Doll says:

    This infomercial makes me genuinely angry. I saw this on T.V, last night… made me want to hit someone. I know infomercials can be ridiculous and cheesy, but this is just blatantly bad. I honestly, for some reason, thought this was a joke at first. Not sure why, but I think I didn’t want to believe this exists and is serious. This was filmed, and got approved for T.V. This happened.

  23. bkaspe00 says:

    And car valet can even buy you a better family !!!

  24. J Turn says:

    But wait, there’s more!!!

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