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intelliARMOR Screen Protector Contest Ends Sept 24th!

The fine folks at intelliARMOR were nice enough to approve one of our viewers to get their very own intelliARMOR screen protector! Entry is easy. Just visit our Facebook page or sign up with your email address. But you’ll need

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Nick and Shane Visited Vat19 and All We Got Was This Sweet Stuff!

Nick and Shane visit Vat19 headquarters, take a tour, and show off all of the sweet goodies they bought while they were there!

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ASOTV Blog News: New Items In The Store!

Shane announces some new items that are available in the As Seen on TV Blog’s As Seen on TV store pages.

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As Seen On TV Catch Caddy Giveaway!

Nick and Shane announce a giveaway for a reviewed copy of the Catch Caddy!

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How Walmart Changed “As Seen On TV” Shopping Forever!

Shane from the As Seen On TV Blog shares how Walmart fundamentally changed how people shop for As Seen On TV merchandise over the past few years.

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ASSEENONTVBLOG.NET – Different Domain, Same Quality Content

The As Seen On TV Blog has changed its domain name from ASSEENONTV-BLOG.COM to ASSEENONTVBLOG.NET. The change began around 24 hours ago and has gone relatively smooth for the most part.

Why would we do such a crazy thing? What possible benefit could we gain from such a change?

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Infographic: Which As Seen On TV Price Point Is Best?

Jordan Pine of the SciMark Report fame recently did some polling about customer’s preference in price points. He achieved some decent sampling data and the results were intriguing. We jazzed up his results with this easy to read infographic:

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Do You Have The Next As Seen On TV Hit?

Do you love “As Seen On TV” products? Have you ever had an idea for one yourself? Ever wish you could pitch your idea to all of the major players in the DRTV (Direct Response Television) industry? Then the DRTV Product Summit is for you!

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Which Frozen Treat Maker Is Best?

Summer is here and the battle of the frozen drink makers is on! Vote in our poll to make your voice heard today!

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I Have To Find A TUSHEE!

Sitting at the pool shouldn’t be a task. Pull out the TUSHEE, sit back and relax! I am an absolute sucker to any As Seen On TV ad that starts out with a rhyme! Thats right its the TUSHEE! (Otherwise

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