Cat’s Meow Official Commercial As Seen On TV



Excerpts From The Official Cat’s Meow Website:

Cat’s Meow – The Cat Toy Your Cat Can’t Resist! Entertains and Stops Destructive Clawing or Scratching!

– Peek-a-boo wand mimics a scurrying mouse

– Randomly changes speeds and directions to keep cats entertained

– Never-quit motor just keeps on running even when your cat pounces

– Made of durable rip stop nylon

– Cat’s Meow is the perfect gift for every cat lover

– Battery operated

– Cats of all ages love Cat’s Meow

Offer Details: Cat’s Meow is the cat toy your cat can’t resist! Through this special offer, you get Cat’s Meow for only $19.99 plus $7.99 P&H. BUT WAIT, now you can buy one, get one FREE! Just pay an additional $7.99 P&H.

Offer includes: (2) Cat’s Meow cat toys. *Colors may vary.

What are YOUR thoughts about Cat’s Meow? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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214 comments on “Cat’s Meow Official Commercial As Seen On TV
  1. steve wyant says:

    Imagine this like its for a really fucked up sex toy, just shut off your monitor and listen lol

  2. Vaughn M says:


  3. vsing53 says:

    I have three cats, ages 16, 5 and 9 weeks. They all love to play with it – even the old lady. I

  4. Bao Nguyen says:

    why i need two

  5. CYB3LE26 says:

    This toy is dangerous for cats, don’t buy it!! I’ve seen pictures on Facebook of cats that been hurt mostly on the eyes with this…

  6. TheKawaiiQueen says:

    im here because someone on my facebook had to take there cat to the vet because the cornia of hes cat eye had been damaged by the toy now he need medication

  7. sapphire76 says:

    I just bought this for $20 at Petsmart. One of my cats had been playing with it for 45 minutes. The other one couldn’t care less about it.

  8. Keegan Reardon says:

    fat cats can just lay down and use it

  9. K Jones says:

    lol turn lazy kitty into crazy kitty! Just what I need!

  10. botulism says:

    This is for cats? Sheet. I’ve been playing with it for 4 months now. I thought it was for humans. (Didn’t read the box). I just LOVE it when it reverses directions. Gets me every time! How does it DO that???

  11. Mike Rubino says:

    My cats need this

  12. Mike Rubino says:

    I have two cats named Sabrina and SB

  13. 42underscored says:

    and that’s not healthy

  14. HIMYM Lover says:

    I thought thus was fake when I first saw it

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