Chatty Patty Commercial As Seen On TV



Excerpts from the official Chatty Patty website…

Chatty Patty is the talking parrot toy that repeats what you say in her own parrot way! Chatty Patty uses a new sound sensing microchip that instantly records your voice when you start talking, then repeats what you say without pressing any buttons! She’s so much fun, Chatty Patty will have you laughing all day! This talking parrot loves to sing and whistle too. Chatty Patty moves her beak as she speaks and sings, and rocks back and forth and flaps her wings. She can also talk on her own and laugh at your jokes! And when it’s time to turn off the light, Chatty Patty shuts down for the night. Chatty Patty repeating parrot is guaranteed to bring hours of fun and laughter. Young or old, everyone loves Chatty Patty!

Today only, you get Chatty Patty for just $14.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. We’ll also add the special offer second Chatty just pay a separate fee of $9.99. That’s two Chatty Patty’s for an incredible low price.

What are YOUR thoughts about Chatty Patty? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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50 comments on “Chatty Patty Commercial As Seen On TV
  1. wilma84 says:

    Ha ha ha junk!

  2. Lisa Nguyen says:

    That is so stupid!

  3. Prence says:

    Can’t wait till this comes to walmart. lol

  4. Prence says:

    I want to hack it.

  5. jumpstyleftw says:

    Just when I thought I had seen it all.

  6. time903 says:

    Wow, now this is pointless.-_-;

  7. simlover00 says:

    they say it’s a she but all its automatic sentences sound male

  8. Egores House says:

    “i’ve got money and i’m a massive faggot, what should i buy?”

  9. Bryce C says:

    This reminds me of the time my prostate exploded.

  10. 6amb00 says:

    i thought the title said Crabby Patty O_O

  11. penov8255 says:

    Was it less painful than this commercial?

  12. zebra2791 says:

    holy crap that would get annoying real quick.

  13. pikapal91746 says:

    This is a dumb toy. There is another toy called Chatty Patty that was a doll that talked.

  14. Lisa Nguyen says:

    How do you people “LIKE” this?

  15. Rojin Habibi says:

    why does this remind me of spongebob?

  16. JasperStensballe says:

    0:37 forever alone

  17. mark whittemore says:

    i order 3 of the chatty patty pariots at the end of february-begining of march but never received them!!! is there a problem???? or is there something i forgot to do to complete my order??? please be feel free to e-mail

    mark whittemore

  18. ThatGuyInPhilly says:

    I JUST saw this commercial for the first time on, of all channels, CNN. I thought the exact same thing with the woman chatting complimenting her toy parrot – “God damn that is one lonely woman!” lol. Seriously wtf is this annoying thing??

  19. fardiddyg says:

    Chatty Patty sounds really annoying and who needs that in their life?

  20. camryn lloyd says:

    I saw this on the soup! Lol

  21. savagehenrylive says:

    brought to you by CINCO

  22. italianpride171 says:

    This is really disturbing..

  23. Justin Galloway says:

    Is this targeted to Mormons?

  24. 38wmjohnson says:

    0:57 – great for all your sexual harassment needs!

  25. Kitsune Dove says:

    You have to be the loneliest, most pathetic person on earth to buy this!

  26. fredewrty says:

    Why would you need 2 of these things?

  27. Dave D says:

    #fransje #sell tell

  28. Isaac Clarke says:

    Forever alone lvl: PARROT

  29. Baccilus Anthracis says:

    0:39 whole new meaning for forever alone

  30. GarfieldAwesome says:

    Who else thinks about Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room while they’re watching this?

  31. bubblegumgurl476 says:

    Okay that woman needs some psychological helpAnd the bird snores at night? See that’s why I couldn’t have one cause if that thing starts snoring while I try to sleep ima get the baseball bat for real! That toy wouldn’t last a day in my house

  32. GstyleRAZOR says:

    ??????? ?????????!

  33. Eragon86micky says:


  34. steven langenheim says:


  35. Daorangeace says:


  36. RisingVictor says:

    Its POS PeteyXD love that parrot.

  37. RisingVictor says:

    Jaboody made this even better! XD gotta love Jaboody!

  38. SNESosT says:

    Honestly, who would bring this thing to a party?

  39. Rawksinator says:

    Your husband’s curious about anal. Oh is that what you want haah. xD I just think of Jaboody’s Dub watching this lool.

  40. STABtheCLAM says:

    Taste like Jaboody Dubs!

  41. evildog142 says:

    its piece of shit petey!!!

  42. ????? ??????? says:

    ??????? ?????????

  43. MrInternetDude says:

    Lol double offer

  44. slipknot2k4 says:

    Why did the mexican kid get replaced from the first one?

  45. mrbatzerstudio says:

    motha fucka say WHHHAAAATTTT?

  46. amarantman says:

    Your wife’s curious about anal.

  47. Kitty Collinson says:


  48. kane36507 says:

    Wait where’s frank

  49. sydepipez says:

    “Motherfucka say whaaaaaat?”

  50. lemonvampiress says:


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