Chip Wave Commercial



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Do wish you could enjoy potato chips without having to deal with the grease and fat? Introducing the revolutionary Chip Wave™ – the specially designed chip maker that cooks fat free, guilt free, golden, crispy, potato chips right in your microwave! It’s perfect for potatoes, apples, or just about any fruit or vegetable! Now you can make your very own crispy chips with the Chip Wave!

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292 comments on “Chip Wave Commercial
  1. FinnFio123 says:

    They actin like regular potato chips just spurt out grease when ever you touch em!!

  2. Sol Bojorquez says:

    lolololol i laughed so hard i farted

  3. christian deyoe says:

    1:24 apple chips? who the fuck would cut up an apple put it in the microwave and eat that garbage

  4. nikieats says:

    Well you might have a fast metabolism which means when you eat calories your body burns your calories fast

  5. purplephantom9 says:

    What kind of music was that

  6. 0HAMI says:

    that makes like 5 chips at once… who wants to wait and spend that time to prepare just one bowl

  7. Shaun Yap says:

    So scientific…

  8. Tazzillekki1 says:


  9. killy642 says:

    Listen closely, this potato chip…. Has added sound effects.

  10. TheCucamber Kick says:

    wow. I don’t even have a microwave…

  11. NWGoldSilverMC says:

    Fun fact: Sweet potatoes have more sugar than regular potatoes. Wouldn’t that make them less healthy than potatoes? This stupid “health food” concept is full of holes.

  12. Kitty Fister says:

    But the fat is what makes it tasty…

  13. Matthew Keith says:

    The only reason I can think of that this would be good is the fact that it doesn’t make a lot (but it’s kind of annoying to bother with slicing the potato) so having only a single portion is a lot easier (I have awful self control). Also, they won’t have salt on them unless you put salt on them, so that’s… uh.. healthier. Plus, who doesn’t love a good, cheesy infomercial product. :D

  14. seth witir says:

    mmm, smells like cancer

  15. 2bribot says:

    Needs salt…

  16. Reckno64 says:

    0:47 Fat free guilt free and flavor free.

  17. aeriana789 says:

    so its just dehydrated potato slices?

  18. Carrie Cat says:

    couldnt you just put a plastic slinky in the microwave and save your money? cause thats what it loks like to me.

  19. Pac Gabe says:

    It’s the fat and calories that make it taste good..

  20. emilysirois says:

    this commercial is way too cheesy

  21. Sammi Graham says:

    weren’t you listening? it’s from the store-bought chips!

  22. Bloodkaitou says:

    I.. i just. i eat chips myself and i tried to get greasy hands like that and i literally just went through the bag and it still wasn’t that greasy what kind of chips is that

  23. naedinebacatio says:

    aint nobody got time for that!

  24. dasZebra008 says:

    okay using an apple would be pretty cool but other then that chips are to good……..don’t touch

  25. sam manchester says:

    wait. are they selling a holder that helps me microwave potato?

  26. deegii ariunbileg says:

    who eats chips this much?

  27. ParaSky100 says:

    Why would I want low-fat chips? That’s like having a sugar-free cake.

  28. Najma Jama says:

    1:29 Lol….poor kids have a Mom who only knows how to make chips from a piece of plastic and the Dad is all happy and sh*t but he knows that he doesn’t know how to cook either. I swear the kids are gonna die of malnutrition.

  29. actinggirl333 says:

    Fat free guilt free and taste free

  30. PanikGrafik says:

    You want to make some of your own chips? Get a healthy fucking cooking oil and fry some potatopieces. Drain the excess oil after frying and don’t eat 5 pounds of chips. YOU’LL NEVER EVEN SEEEEE THE POUNDS

  31. Ryan Sample says:

    Fat has no taste.

  32. Ryan Sample says:

    Flavorless so you can add your own flavors.

  33. HPAnimeFreak says:

    I love Original brand potato chips

  34. Kitty Fister says:

    But it makes things taste better. I would put a lays potato chip against anything made by this monstrosity.

  35. Ryan Sample says:

    Fat, has, no, fucking, taste!How the fuck can it make ANYTHING taste better?

  36. Kitty Fister says:

    Bacon grease…

  37. Ryan Sample says:

    Most sane people just drain it.

  38. Kitty Fister says:

    Tell me it doesn’t make your eggs better…

  39. Ryan Sample says:

    It doesn’t make them better.

  40. Kitty Fister says:

    I guess you’ve never tried it then.

  41. caty hills says:

    1000 fucking calories i taste bullshit

  42. Reckno64 says:

    Buying flavored potato chips is far simpler.

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