Classic As Seen On TV: The Great Wok Of China

Dateline: 1988
George H.W. Bush is running against Michael Dukakis for president, The Soviet Union is on the way to becoming a non entity, and The Great Wok of China is being pitched via infomercials all across the country.

It’s “The same one used in China!”

The Great Wok of China

The Great Wok of China

You have to hand it to the folks who created this product. They took a common cooking device used by millions of people all over the world and rebranded it as something new and different.

The Great Wok Of China actually started as a run of the mill state fair circuit product until it made the jump to infomercials. The 18 minute television format worked out great as it allowed the presenters to cook an entire meal in the allotted time. (Not to mention plenty of time to throw in special offers, money back guarantees, and the 1-800 number!)

The makers of The Great Wok ads were Concepts TV Productions. They chose to forgo celebrity endorsements and instead use veteran pitchman Wally Nash who made a great impression with a simple in person demonstration. The combination of product, person, and pitch worked wonderfully, and direct response TV magic was made.

Exact figures of sales are not known to the general public, but being one of the first big hits in the direct response industry we can imagine that it was huge!

[box]Product Stats:

Name: The Great Wok of China

Description: A hand hammered 14 inch steel wok with an ultra flat bottom.

Status: No longer found on the market.

Innovation Claim: Low fat cooking the asian way!


Do YOU remember The Great Wok of China? Talk about your memories of the product or the commercial in the comments below!

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7 comments on “Classic As Seen On TV: The Great Wok Of China
  1. Asian Wok says:

    Oh, yes I remember this very clearly it was as if they invented the wok

  2. Rex Gambill says:

    I bought one, and still own it and use it. Still have the manual too.

  3. Vicki Erbes says:

    We don’t have this wok any more, but are looking for the recipe for pork fried rice that came in the small cook book. Anyone have that recipe? Please share with me if you do. It was our favorite.

  4. keary says:

    I just picked one up at a yard sale today for 5 bucks! So I was looking and it dosent have the recipe for pork fried rice but it does have chicken fried rice I assume you could just sub the chicken out for rice.

    1 TBS oil
    1 egg slightly beaten
    2 tbs oil
    1 cup chicken finely diced cooked or uncooked
    1 med. onion finely diced
    1/2 c. water chestnuts finely diced
    1/2 c. bamboo shoots finely diced
    1/2 c. celery finely diced
    1 c. fresh bean sprouts
    1/2 c. frozen peas oppional
    1/2 c. fresh mushrooms optional
    4 c. cooked rice
    soya sauce
    salt and pepper

    cut up and prepare all ingrediants reserve
    heat wok with 1 tbs oil and fry egg into a thin sheet remove to plate and reserve.
    add 2 tbs more oil to wok heat until smoking. stir fry chicken and onion together until cooked. add bean sprouts, peas, celery stir and cook 2 minuits with wok covered. uncover wok and add all the rest of the vegs stir fry and cook covered for 2 n additional minuits. add cooked rice, season with salt pepper and soya sauce. reduce heat to medium. take turner and break up clumps of rice as finely as possible. make sure rice takes up soya sauce and does not remain white keep stiring until al rice is broken up and heated through. shut heat off. cut up sheet of egg into small pieces and stir into rice.
    serves 4-6
    note leftover rice makes better fried rice if using leftover rice place rice in sieve and rince with hot water from the tap. pork beef or shrimp may be substituted for above chicken

    Hope this helps. sounds good looks like I have my first project.
    Did you like this wok when you had it? Enjoy

  5. Vicki says:

    That ‘s the recipe! Thank you for posting it. We loved that wok but the metal base would get red hot and we decided to try an electric one. Gave the wok to Goodwill, and now wish we had not.

  6. Bill says:

    I just seasoned this wok yesterday. No, I am not kidding.

  7. Richard Morren says:

    it is quite easy to prepare food in a wok. I use it in my daily routine and make the rich and delicious Chinese food.

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