Clear TV Makes Antenna TV Cool Again!



Excerpts from the official Clear TV website…

Innovative flat, razor-thin antenna
Receives digital and HDTV channels.
Multi-directional design pulls in signals from all directions.
Easy installation, no assembly required.
Suction fasteners make for easy setup and placement.
No contracts. No monthly fees. No unexpected price hikes!

Reception will vary based on factors like geography and location of the broadcast, antenna, hills, buildings, and even tall trees can impact reception. It is recommended that you be within 25 to 30 miles of a broadcast antenna. Most households can receive these popular networks: PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, ION, CW, Qubo – a children’s channel, a 24 hour sports programming, a 24 hour classic movie channel, 24 hour news and weather channel, and popular Spanish-language channels: Azteca, Univision, Telemundo, TeleFutura, may also be available.
Receive “hundreds of crystal clear digital and HD shows for FREE.
Enjoy “hundreds of” the top-rated network shows, sporting events, sitcoms, local news & weather, kids programming, and more!
Enjoy uncompressed HD signal that’s better than what your satellite or cable service can provide.

When ordering today, you will receive the Clear TV for $19.95 +$7.99 P.&H, and get a 2nd Clear TV for FREE, just pay the additional $7.99 P.&H.
Standard Delivery Time : 3 – 4 Weeks.
* State tax will be added to orders for:CT, NJ, NV, NY and PA.
To check on the status of your order, including UPS delivery information, please access us online at or call your dedicated Customer Service Representative at 973-287-5158. Customer Service Representatives are available from 9am to 8pm Monday through Friday EST, and 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday EST.

Our Thoughts On Clear TV

I love how the folks behind Clear TV have positioned their product which is essentially a Digital TV antenna! The selling points are solid, but from what I could gather, it is no better or no worse than most digital TV antennas on the market.

Our recommendation is to pass on this particular offer and instead shop around for a digital antenna that will work best for your particular situation. Check out the yellow boxes above which will take you to what you can find on

What are YOUR thoughts about Clear TV? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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71 comments on “Clear TV Makes Antenna TV Cool Again!
  1. Bob Oertle says:

    Always set the antenna next to the seat used to watch TV, much quicker to spin it around towards the antenna of the station one is tuning into.

  2. Bob Oertle says:

    Digital Terrestrial Television transition seems to of left many with the notion of buying an antenna will solve the problem. LOL

  3. John Boyd says:

    You didn’t say which one you have

  4. alvin patrick says:

    it’s a rip off hd tv is free most new tv’s have digital tuner built in all this is a cheap antenna made in china

  5. texassm says:

    son unos rateros mi pedido eran de $33 dlls y me cobraron 72 dlls; y nunca contestan

  6. Juliaflo says:

    The fine print confirms that you cannot get cable or satellite only television with this antenna.

  7. robert michael says:

    I get 5 channels TOTAL! But guess its better then nothing.

  8. Jesse Coffey says:

    Ultimately, Clear TV is Clear-ly the service for people who Clear-ly hate bronies. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is broadcast on the Hub, which is on Cable and Satellite and most likely would NOT be picked up by Clear TV.

  9. C Ramold says:

    It is what it is….you can go to the store and buy just a good antenna locally……amazing what people advertise, and people will buy into because it is on TV? That is why it is a capitaliatic society. . a good salesperson can sell anything.

  10. earthshkr says:

    okay..oh em gee. i was a manager of radio shack for 7 years. this antenna does no more than any 40 dollar amplified hd antenna. go to any electronics store and buy a 40 dollar HD antenna (plugs in for electricity) and if you have a new tv you dont need a converter box if you have an older tv you will need a converter box. plug in your antenna go to menu,channel setup, auto channel scan…you will have probably more channels than this antenna can provide.

  11. Santa Claus says:

    i just saw this on tv , thats called a cpnverter box, and did anyone notice 0:25 kidnapped boy

  12. Dulahey says:

    What a joke! Just go to any crappy store and buy a $5-10 set of rabbit ears. They’re the best. Period. Even those stupid “amplified” ones are a joke.

  13. Tanya Munoz says:

    i wonder if i would get more channels

  14. cheapcape says:

    Kidannped Boy to a high five, lol! The news media is crap.

  15. cheapcape says:

    no shit

  16. sandyhakes11 says:

    I want one how do i get two :-)

  17. MrGotenks107 says:

    I have Dish Network it’s cheaper that I can watch all my favorite shows

  18. Brad Camp says:


  19. Paul Canniff says:

    This guy has gotta be Al Gore’s brother. lol when he says “Digital Ann-tenna”

  20. Shawn Bly says:

    Is this a real business? When all the broadcast channels went digital, I got curious and connected an old rabbit ears to my hdtv, coaxial of coarse. It worked just fine. Just go to any place that sells used rabbit ears. They’ll work just fine.

  21. Shawn Bly says:

    Also any rabbit ears you buy must include a uhf antenna or just an uhf antenna. All your local channels are now in uhf.

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