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They’re hot. They’re Fabulous. They’re the newest trend in fashion today. Introducing CovFurs®.

CovFurs® are high quality faux fur wraps that slip over any boot or shoe to instantly update your style! Now you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on multiple pairs of boots. CovFurs® can be added to any boot to create a chic new look. Wear your CovFurs® tall or slouchy – you decide! You can even wear them with heels, wedges, or flats. Wear them to school, an elegant dinner, the mall, or walking the dog. Wherever you choose to wear your CovFurs®, you’ll always look runway ready!

CovFurs® look and feel like real fur. They’re an easy, economical way to update any wardrobe. CovFurs® are the hottest trend in footwear accessories today. CovFurs® are great for all ages and any season so collect them all!

Customer Service:
Phone: 855-288-6460
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PO Box 331192
Pacoima, CA 91333

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4 comments on “CovFurs Commercial
  1. Noahdk666 says:

    [..YouTube..] Ever felt like you really belonged in the 70’s? Well now you can show it too!

  2. [..YouTube..] I mean, I need more fur on my snow boots for when I got to the beach.

  3. donnk says:

    [..YouTube..] looks like poodles

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